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    Sweezy is starting to worry me. Not from an injury standpoint but from an experience standpoint. We brought him here to play LG but all he played in Seattle was RG and all he played in college was D-line. Sweezy had the most to benefit from OTA’s and Mini Camp since LG will be a new position for him and he missed all of them and now he’ll miss some of Training Camp. Throw in the fact that he didn’t play well overall in Seattle and well…I’m worried.

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      Where’s macabee with his “What, me worry?” avatar? At least Sweezy will have a month or so to get acclimated to his new position. If not, Panphile will have to fill in. Puzzling why Licht signed Sweezy knowing about this injury and anticipated recovery. From the article, the time is to get in shape rather than heal.

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    Should pick up Devin Hester to add some JUiCE to the WR corp and Special Teams!

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    The fact that Garret Gilkey has been dismissed from the team should be a headline in itself.Haha

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      You said it cg ! They were probably planning on bringing him back, but the failed physical forced their hand

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    How and when did Sweezy get hurt?

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    Finally Gilkey cut and not because of performance. Too funny. Lol. Not funny he’s injured just funny he has been around so long.

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    73 looks like a tank and I only hope he gets in the field sooner rather than later. He is also said to have a nasty edge as well.
    As far as Gilkey is concerned, he turned into the Bucs fans favorite whipping boy after one game at center against the Bengals.
    He was put in that position, a position he had never played before, by a head coach who knew that. So whose fault was that.
    I paid particular attention to Gilkey play his natural guard position last year during preseason and he was a real road grader.
    It’s a shame he was forced into a position he had never played before by an incompetent coach who was eventually fired.

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      Agreed, drdneast- that was a horrible game, but he was put in a bad position by the coaching staff

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