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    Cut after the season: (S) Goldson, (QB) McCown- keep Glennon-he’ll be in his 3rd season/make or break year for his career, (P) Koenen, (LT) Collins, (C) Deitrich-Smith, (LG) Mankins- unless he takes a hige pay cut, (C) Gilkey, (TE) Myers, (DT) Bowers, (LB) Fletcher, (CB) ALL besides Banks/Vernor. Resign Clayborn and Foster- both should be reasonably cheap. Draft QB Mariota if he has the arm strength and let glennon start next season

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    Winning takes care of a lot of things. I know it doesn’t matter when we pick, but who we pick. Get this win! You’re better than this. Go Bucs!

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    I know we’d all like to have the highest draft choice possible; even if used to parlay into multiple picks. But I agree with Horse that the team needs to at least win one measly home game so Scubog doesn’t have to be chided by those polka loving Packer fans and the all too full of themselves Saints fans. Play the season out by at least showing a little resolve to win the games and let the chips fall where they may on Draft day.

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    The only team I see us having a chance against is N.O.. Rogers will be sitting the second half with four T.D.’s, and the Panthers defense can probably put up more points then our offense. We’ve played like crap for 13 games now you want to show some pride? We need the #1 pick, not a useless win. EDS, you can be proud in 2015 when you’re no longer a BUC.

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    Depending on how things go the Saints could be playing for a divisional championship when they come to Tampa. I would like to beat the Panthers because of embarrassment still lingering from our opener (we had such high hopes then) the best team to beat would be the Packers, because they are the best team. I am not in favor of laying down to get the number one draft pick, that would leave a bad taste in my mouth through the offseason. Win all three, go out on a high note, I agree with scubog, “let the chips fall where they may on Draft day.” Go Bucs…….

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