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    I love his work ethic. I hope Bell, Murphy, Dye, Spencer, and the rest have that same attitude or they won’t be playing in Tampa.

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    I’m excited to see what our receiving corp can do with another year of experience and chemistry with Winston. If the defense can show marked improvement, we’ll be on our way to competing for the division soon

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    I have not seen any one of these guys play this off season. But if Koetter is to be believed coming out of mandatory mini-camp, do not look past WR Bernard Reedy.

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    We have two very solid 1, and 2 WR’s in Evans and Jackson (providing Evans fixes the drops and gets his temper under control), but after that no solid dependable 3rd. Lot of guys seem close to breaking out will see I guess. Need a couple to really break out this year since Jackson likely be gone soon. We probably have a third on the roster but may have to draft or got to free agency when we lose Jackson to get a legit 2nd. ASJ is big question mark still too at TE. Lots of talent but jury still out with injuries and maturity.

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      If Vjax has a good year I think they will offer him a K extension at a reduced rate. It will be easy to reduce haggling by doing the following:
      It’s all about 3 so new annual contract = $3,333,333.33:) Done

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    Well said, fredster.

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    Dr d. Thank you sir.
    So many young guys at WR that seem to be close like Humphries, but who knows.we may have 2 or 3 diamonds in rhe rough. I know Koetter thinks so. Maybe with our offense mostly intact for second year in a row and Winston progressing, some guys at WR will blossom stand out.

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    Had a chance to watch one of the Mini-Camp practices. VJax was on the sidelines that day. Of course Mike Evans was the best of the bunch, but the others, with their sleeker body types, looked very smooth catching passes. None seemed to be fighting the ball. This is a position that concerns me until one or two of the youngsters emerges. Probably a priority in the 2017 Draft with Jackson’s age.

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    If we all believe Winston will have a better season this year like I do, then his receivers will have to also. A guy like Brady makes Welker a pro bowler, by the way Winston called Humphries his Wes Welker. Brady never won a superbowl with Moss, but did with Gronk. Our receivers are the least of our problems.

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    Humphries is a little engine that could type of receiver he does nothing special but he is playing hard and makes some catches under neath, not sure if he even makes the team this yr

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    I think the biggest question mark with the receivers this year is how good can Bell be. The second question is how good will Lewis Murphy be when he is healthy again. Hopefully, one of those two can replace VJAX as the second receiver behind Evans when VJAX retires. Humphries should stay along with Streeter.

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    Owlykat: You keep mentioning “Streeter”. Others have told you there is no one named Streeter on the team. I suspect you mean #89 Russell Shepard.

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    I didn’t know much about Humphries but I do remember hearing his name get called every week with a reception. If Winston is going to be one of the truly great QB’s in this league, then he has to make the offense great with guys like Humphries. Hopefully he continues do that

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    If for some reason Humphries doesn’t make the team probably a good chance he does end up in NE. lol. I still think ASJ will have a Huge season. I don’t think he’s a problem player and I never had agreed with the theory that if someone happens to get hurt there first two years (in a row)that there injury prone. It’s football, guys hit each other on every play. The odds are some guys are gonna get hurt two or even three years (less odds)in a row just because of the sport. If a player gets hurt in consecutive yrs after there rookie yr there pretty much never called injury prone. Very few guys are actually injury prone even though it does exist. IMO it’s just odds some players are gonna get hurt serious enough to miss games in more than one yr and occasionally it will happen in consecutive yrs.

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