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    Well Buc Fans all of the starting CB’s STINKS. At no#9 get the CB from Clemson. Then in Rd-2 at no#8 go get the best DE left for Tampa and then beef up the team other weak positions. Maybe Tampa can pick up some steals in rd-6 with mult picks. This year all the draft choices are a premium picks go bucs. and look at veterans tree agents that may have something left to replace some of the veterans that retired. go bucs

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    I’m not convinced that the Bucs lack talent in the secondary, so much as the talent they have under contract doesn’t fit their system. The inconsistent pass rush from the front four hung everyone in the secondary out to dry. When outfits like PFF rate every member of the Bucs secondary and the edge rushers below starting caliber and near the bottom of the league, there’s an institutional problem that requires a structural change, like a new coordinator and a new scheme. Maybe Lovie’s model has gone the way of the 46. Keep the hard working talent until you’re sure you have who you need, but the big picture strategy is clearly a disaster. Don’t scapegoat the players for that. Bring in a brain who has a solution besides more of the same with different player names.

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      I think you make a good point @russmillerwy – IMO Banks would be a good corner in a different scheme but is far too slow to make up distance in the zone-heavy defense we play; I have been a ATV supporter all along and I think he has abilities in zone coverage but we have him play man on the slot quite a bit (and he struggled with man on the corner earlier in the year)…however, we are devoid of talent at Safety and we do not have #1 CB talent on our roster…again, IMO.

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      Russ, I agree. All of a sudden Verner goes from pro bowl to so sucky that he can’t even crack top 3 on one of the worst secondaries in the league? Banks is so terrible that he is 5th behind Lovie’s sycophants? The reality is Lovie was the ultimate coach who couldn’t leverage talent over his scheme. Don’t be surprised when Verner restructures and is productive next year.

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    I’m sure some of this secondary isn’t horrible and can start. Some of it, likely a lot of it, is Lovie. Nothing wrong with cover 2 or Tampa 2, he just gets out coached and out schemed IMO. Not going to argue with you adamant Lovie supporters. Time will tell after another draft (or two) if talent is the only issue. Don’t buy it personally. Good coaches get most out of players and are at least average. This was nuts this year how bad they were. Guy was pro bowl CB granted in another scheme. Don’t know about Verner. That hold against Bears was just horrible and negated a huge turnover. Lot of questions this year on defense. When you lead league in penalties but aren’t the youngest team you have a coaching/accountability problem. No, the coach doesn’t get the penalties, but I don’t buy it’s all players faults. Better be big coaching changes even if Lovie stays which I’m sure he will.

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    Pass rush will not help the quick slant passes we didn’t defend all year.

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    He could react fast enough under Lovie’s scheme. No need to keep him; “it’s as simple as that”.

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    oops “couldn’t” not “could”.

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    “Like I said, I’m obligated for two more years. That’s what I signed up for but we’ll see”

    wow, thank you alterraun verner for that impassioned show of commitment

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    You bet he hopes he wants to return because he sure isn’t a 6 Million Dollar Man (my apologies to Lee Majors).
    He also knows what h put on tape this year isn’t going to looks good to any GM or coach looking for a DB.
    first off, speed is a necessary requirement for one on one, not zone.
    Chuckbville, a pass rush might help the quick slants because then the Bucs wouldn’t have to blitz LB’s which leaves the middle of the field open. Neither will a faster corner though. Only a corner who knows how to play good technique will solve the problem.
    Horse, you and Pick6 nailed it. I might keep him though, at half the price.
    The only thing wrong with Verner’s speed is he has slowed down a lot carrying all that money in his wallet.
    It’s unfortunately a common malady that strikes many FA’s, not just the ones we select.

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    One need only to look at the cornerbacks who had so much success here in the Tampa 2 (although we play a lot more man to man now than folks seem to notice) to know what skills are needed. # 1-tough and tackle well enough to defend the run. # 2-smart and instinctive enough to know his coverage landmarks in a split second # 3-fast enough to get there # 4-dedicated enough to study his opponent # 5-tall enough to defend the likes of Julio Jones # 6-agile enough to defend the likes of Tyler Lockett and # 7 for my buddy Pink-no skinny legs.

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      Very good analysis.

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