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    I like these signings! Smart to bring back players familiar with the system and the lockerroom.

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    Why so many WR’s? No DE?

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    Horse, nobody gives up good DEs. You have got to draft your own or pay a fortune in free agency, and that’s no guarantee. The very best seem to have a screw loose somewhere – maybe too much testosterone – who knows? Anybody we get now is somebody nobody else wanted!

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    macabee; I noticed the Steeler’s picked up Lyons as fast as they could after we cut him. I would have kept him. I have no clue how we are going to get a legit pass rush against Mariota or most QB’s this season; that’s why I’m thinking more like 5 wins. I sure hope I have underestimated what I have seen so far.

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    Eric: There’s only nine on this list. Are you sure Edawn Coughman was released?

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      Eric Horchy

      Yes, you’re right. There were only nine with yesterday’s moves and today’s fills it out.

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    Bucs web site shows Edawn Coughman was released yesterday. Still have an open spot.

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