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    Twin Towers! Proud to be a Buc fan!

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    Very comprehensive Mark! Good job. Winston is playing up to expectations. That threaded pass to the TE was classic Winston and beyond Glennon’s skill. Really glad to hear about Laboto’s skills. Wish we get a high draft pick for Glennon, because Lobato can handle backup duties and wouldn’t be leaving us next year in free agency trying to become a starting QB. Glennon didn’t show the quick release that Winston did today.

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    macabee and owlykat, it sounds like you guys are out there at camp. Thanks for the input and anything you can add is appreciated (I’m talking about from a fans perspective).

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    Got a chance to meet Pinkstob, who demonstrated his loyalty by driving all the way from the east coast. Had a great time talking Bucs football. Very impressive crowd. Lots of young Bucs fans. The Winston to Evans slant is unstoppable. Although the running plays are hard to evaluate in shell drills and there weren’t many running plays on Day, Doug Martin and Charles Sims looked much more determined and quick. A little disappointing to see Clay have difficulty fielding kicks until he settled down. As mentioned in the article, the new WR’s Dye, Bell, Hall and Humphries all looked like they belong. Offensive line seemed to hold up well in pass protection. Tight coverage by the DB’s made it difficult for the WR’s in spite of the fact that the offense has a real advantage with the QB not being pressured. Pink seems to be coming around on Winston. Although he did mistakenly refer to him as “Freeman” once.

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      It was great meeting you again and talking Buc ball with you as well Scubog! Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking about with the Freeman thing (physique from a distance maybe?), but I thought Winston had a good practice overall as he had more good throws than bad. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m coming around yet, but I said I would be fair without going into too much depth analysis-wise before the home opener. He was certainly much more decisive with his passes than Glennon, whether Winston were accurate or not. As for the new O-linemen, I didn’t notice Marpet much since he didn’t really run with the 1’s, but Smith was okay overall. He’s not particularly fast in his drop back out of his stance but if he gets his hands on the rusher he always controlled him. I only saw him get beat a few times during 11-on-11’s. Gilkey had a false start and wasn’t opening up holes well on the right side in the run game. I was pretty pissed with all the return guys dropping all those punts, especially Clay since that’s why we drafted him. On one of them he wasn’t even close to catching the ball. As for the CB’s, Dixon has good recovery ability and agility. I never noticed Verner all day which I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but Banks is still not impressing me much. I still don’t like his instincts. There were a few times he was in position to make a play on the ball and just didn’t, whether he didn’t judge it well while it was hanging in the air or waiting to long to break on a pass when he was facing the QB, thus turning a potential INT into a deflected pass. I hope he improves but I still don’t see a shutdown CB. My final observation was the DE’s were quiet all day. If Smith and Johnson ever got pressure it was on one play, two at the most. In their defense though, the offense called a lot of quick throws from an empty backfield.

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    This team will win this year go bucs.

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