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    Kwon Alexander needs to spy Mariota all day. When the Bucs get the chance, bring the heat and put a lick on Matiota. Cover up Wright and Walker and stop whatever rushing attack they can put forth on the way to the QB!

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    On the other side of the ball, Bucs need to be patient with the rushing attack and beat the “kitchen sink” defensive pressure with screens, draws, and a quick passing attack. Rotate the backs to keep them fresh and get Winston some confidence by starting with that hurry up attack since it was pretty effective. Go Bucs!

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    Winston/Mariota is all overblown ratings garbage. What matters is that Winston develops over the season and shows improvement by the end of the year. The Bucs desperately need a long term answer at QB and hopefully, we find out that Jameis is our man.

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    Let’s hope the next time the face each other is in the Superbowl. Due to their work ethics and obvious skills they both should have successful careers. As it has with previous Draft day links, this too will eventually fade.

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    Winning, by who or whatever means changes minds and makes naysayers hesitate to express their opinions. Just win, baby!

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    if the Titans start that read option crap with Mariota the Bucs need to do the same thing the Ravens did against the Eagles QB Sam Bradford.
    Send the LB after the QB and have him knock the snot out of him on every play.
    After getting hit a couple of times by an NFL quality LB like Bradford did, the Titans will stop the read option so they have Mariota around for the full season.

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    ……………kickoff can’t get here soon enough.

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    Let the season begin with a win1 Go Bucs!

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