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    Good depth and ST move.

  2. 2


    These are good moves to keep our depth and ST strong. I’m still confused why we didn’t tender Lansanah though. Although he seemed to lose a step in 2015, he’s still a valuable LB even if we keep him just for depth. I’m sure Licht has a plan for who will be out there with the best LB duo in the league next year.

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    Does anyone know – if a guy gets a RFA tender and signs it, is his salary then guaranteed? Or could he still be cut in camp nd not owed anything against the cap?

  4. 4


    Am I the only one that thinks that a 2nd round tender for McDougald is really excessive? Why not just give him the lowest tender and, if you absolutely have to, be okay with matching an offer from the outside? I mean, we’re not talking about a guy who’s been killing it or anything close to it.

  5. 5


    If he gets cut in camp no money is guaranteed.
    Toofamiliar17, what do you care how much money he makes, it’s not your money.
    Damn, you guys who worry about how much these guys make drives me nuts. Once again, it’s not your money.
    I just wonder if all these players were white if you would have a problem with them making this money.

    1. 5.1


      Drdneast…. I always respect all posters opinions, but you’ve gone over board. Not one of these posters on here said anything about being white or black. He said his stats aren’t indicative of his tender that is all. If people’s opinions are bothering you so much maybe you should stop reading the comments. We have enough racial crap going on in the world without you bringing it to this forum.

      1. 5.1.1


        Well said Chef. I too get annoyed with drdneast every time he veers off the football track. Really over the line when he now hints that fellow posters are racist. All of the players are red and pewter to me.

    2. 5.2


      Well then why are you worried about how much we spend. IT’S NOT YOUR MONEY!

  6. 6


    Quick segue to Martin; I haven’t been keeping up lately… If we lose him, what kind of compensatory pick would be in line for if we lost the #2 rusher in the league in the ’17 draft?

  7. 7


    No higher than a No 3, e. Big wow, huh.

  8. 8


    chefboho, I didn’t say anyone did say that. All I said was that I “wondered.”
    If you can’t stand a little open, civilized dialogue about race, then you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.
    People worried about how much money billionaires are paying millionaires is not only absurd, it’s ludicrous. It’s also meddlesome.

    1. 8.1


      What’s civilized about bringing up race? We are talking football and YOU brought race in to it. You obviously felt that someone’s comment was race inspired when in fact there was nothing close to that even brought up. If you can prove me wrong then I apologize, but I’m sure you can’t. And yes, some people question how much money is being paid to certain athletes because if they dont deserve it, they shouldn’t recieve it. Don’t you think this was the case with Michael Johnson and Anthony Collins? Or are you ok with over paying for bums who don’t produce on the field?

    2. 8.2


      I often agree w/ you Drdneast, but that’s like saying “I didn’t tweet that” , when you only ‘re’-tweeted it from someone else…
      I’m a fan of Shepard, and I’d like to see McDougald get the 2nd Rd offer- Like most of the secondary, I’d like to see how he competes w/ the new staff in place

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