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    I enjoy your writing style EH.
    Glad to hear ASJ is moving in the right direction. Could be a big year for the TE’s.

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    ASJ will be great this year. Seems like Koetter is taking a page out of Ysermans playbook. Don’t mollycoddle the petulant ones and see if they come around. Got a feeling that he will come around just like Drouin did for the Lightning. GO BUCS

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    “Mollycoddle”? Isn’t that what George Constanza’s mother caught him doing?

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      Yep, and it caused him to go temporarily blind.

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    Yeah last year we heard the same thing about ASJ in camp. Looks great in shorts but is he just a practice superstar? Is he tough enough to play pro ball when the **its for real?

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      @goldsonAges, I recall that we did hear a lot of good reports about ASJ in camp last year, and he delivered very similar results on Sundays too…the issue (as some like to point out) was that he spent a good chunk of the year on IR, not that he performed poorly in games.

      I for one am looking for a big year from ASJ – in TE terms that might be 600 yards, 8 TDs.

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