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    Especially with Dotson back the next three games are very doable. Lansanah can do well at MLB and Carter knows this offense well and played SLB for Dallas so he can cover SLB for us for the next four games. Carolina has secured the playoffs already and if they have secured home field advantage before their last game they may rest their starters for the playoffs the last game like many NFL Teams do, then we could be in the playoffs this year. Don’t forget Carolina’s Coach learned under Lovie in Chicago and may be willing to do his old Coach a favor.

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      I feel where you’re coming from Owly, but I wouldn’t count on that good ole boy discount from Ron Rivera. I’m sure they’re old pals again, but at the time Rivera worked for Lovie as DC with the Bears, Lovie fired him and Rivera was forced to take a job with the Chargers as LB coach!

      Our best bet is to hope Cam Newton comes down with a 24hr virus on the day we play them. lol.

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        I agree mac that no “ole boy discount” is going to happen, but I also agree with the point Owly makes that if CAR has home field wrapped up (they have a 2 game lead now and so that looks very possible), they would be crazy to risk Cam Newton (with his history of injuries) or guys like Keuchley (who has already had a concussion this year)…I think we could very well find ourselves playing the CAR B-team in that last game…

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    owlykat, if the Panthers are still undefeated going into the final game, don’t expect any favors from Ron Rivera. Even if they aren’t, don’t expect and NFL coach to have any sentiments like the one you mentioned.
    Besides, the Bucs are more talented and have more weapons on offense than the Panthers do. Unfortunately, they have the better defense.

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    Talk about playing one game at a time but I can’t resist.
    The key to stopping Cam Newton is to keep him in the pocket. He really has terrible mechanics sometimes and his foot work is often atrocious.

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    This game has the makings of a shoot-out and we finally can bring our own weapons to the corral. The Saints no longer have those two thorns in our side in Sproles and Graham… and now don’t have Ingram. If we don’t give this game away, we should be able to send that whining coach Sean “Poutin” back to Lose-iana to work on his resume’. He’s ready to bail with Drew Brees nearing the end of the line.

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    Like your post scudog but Poutin was certainly right when he went after the officials last week for allowing the Panthers to have 12 men in the huddle.
    The infraction didn’t just happen once but numerous times and the officials did nothing even after Poutin alerted them after the first time.
    This just exhibited how incompetent and egocentric the referees have become in the NFL.

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    drdneast….They need full time referees. Enough of this amateur hour stuff. It’s not like the NFL can’t afford it.

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    Glad Jenkins is back, but he has a lot to prove. 1) That he is not an injury prone player
    2) that he has consistent talent that can produce week to week.
    Until I see some evidence of those two factors, We need to start thinking about TE’s next year.

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    We’ll need all the offensive tools working on all cylinders. We’re not going to be able to replace Kwon with next man up mentality. We have to do some blitzing and hope also we can get to Brees. lets go Bucs! Two in a row!

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    I don’t want to hear about Cams Mechanics he is the “Lebron” of the NFL winning with Cochery and Tedd Ginn at wideout hell he is undefeated to say anything against Cam is coming from another place except football and simply biased opinion. I don’t know why you guys want the Panthers to lie down against us and not play their best players? You want a “gimmie” win, “F” that I want to beat their best put Cam in there and lets see how good we are, I’m tired of beating back up qb’s and then pounding our chests. Sweeping Ryan was great and beating Brees but I don’t take a lot of pride in beating back ups at qb.

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    For once we agree on something jongruden. I want the Bucs to face the Panthers at full strength. Both teams.
    What I don’t agree wit you on is Newton’s mechanics in the pocket. I also don’t like his theatrics when he scores a TD or a first down.
    You don’t see Brady, Manning, Rogers or any other QB grandstanding that way.
    Then it becomes all about Cam. Even giving away balls to fans has the smell of, “look what a good guy I am.”
    Glad are QB celebrates with his teammates.

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      GLad you mentioned that drd. Have you seen this video of jameis pregame dancing with the squad yet. Had me rolling.

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