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    God forbid a year goes by without Clemson supplying the NFL with another $#!+ty pass rusher. The frustrating part is how often they end up on a Bucs roster.

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    Yes, please no Clemson players unless it is a WR. That’s the only position that Clemson produces decent NFL players.

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    And the 2015 Bucs are starting 8 UFDA’s on opening day….now that’s some depth for ya’

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    Clemson defensive play at or close to their ceilings in college it seems~I would stay clear regardless of perceived ‘value’ of the pick…Would like to add Kendricks,just dont think he will be there at the top of the 2nd~and if he is,not sure the Bucs would pull the trigger.There might be a guy graded higher on our board to escape the first round(hope its not Clemson D)we might swoop on(ala Barron when we shoulda Kuechly’d)…I still worry about our decision making on draft day~been burned too many times…

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    I just don’t want Tampa giving up a future pick just to move up a round. They seem to do that every year. Look at the number of players listed above. This time let us do as the good teams do and trade down a round and pick up a future pick.

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    there is a lot of talent here.Maybe Tampa is going to select the most import needs by each tound. It seems that some of these players are Undraftable players. Well I think those players that came in can contributed this year after the draft. I can’t wait to see finally if Tampa makes a big splash this year besides selecting a QB go bucas

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    Winston is still making visits but i think its just the process…Word is that the crab leg deal was poked fun at when Winston attended the Alstott charity event and he took it in stride…Seems like he is already apart of the Buc family and the gentle ribbing seems to further the belief that he will be the first player drafted this year..

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        I saw that big mike took the time to invite Jameis and apparently he was a hit. If big mike approves that’s a good sign. I’ll leave it at that so I don’t get jumped on by mariota a posse.
        As for the guys listed above , I would love holliman at fs. It just needs to be a lot of lineman drafted for us.

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    Lots of needs….including the need for more 1st and 2nd round picks…

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    Leonard Williams with the number 1 pick please…

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    As long as we use our second and third pick for the best OL available, I like these prospects for the Bucs in the later rounds but also want us to get a good slot receiver/returner too. We definitely need to trade Glennon for another pick too.

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