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    Out-coached again in second half, nothing in second half. It’s a freakin’ joke.Having second thoughts about Lovie, the game may have passed him by.

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    Hey wait, maybe they were going for first round pick…oh wait, sorry, same thing all year.

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    Well, Lovie said McCown gave us the best chance to win. Proved right again, we had no chance. 2nd half offense stunk, and McClown was the leader. Sorry, I have zero confidence in this coach and his staff. Pathetic year for the Bucs. Fans deserve so much more….are you listening Glazer boys???

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    I know everyone is not happy about another loss, but we have a chance to have some serious improvement next year with the first pick in the draft. We all know that means a QB. A very good QB. we have the players for a Trifecta on offense with a franchise QB.

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    Don’t Wont First Pick Need A OL Not A QB

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    My gut wants to be excited about next year with a franchise QB and better line but my brain says Love could still miss manage your help

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    Darn lenovo disregard “your help”

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