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  1. 1


    I’m good with taking Spence. His talent warranted taking the chance I think.

    The kicker just seems odd to me. I mean if they just took him 2nd rd I’d be ok I guess. But giving up 3rd and 4th rd picks? He better be awesome. Lol.

  2. 2


    I am going to enjoy the debate among Buc fans. I am going to enjoy the comments from the pundits even more. >:)

    Go Bucs!!!

  3. 3


    What would it be different to just take him in the 2nd? They gave up their 3rd and the 4th they got for free… I think it was a great pickup because we basically just picked him in the 3rd round… It was a small price to pay for a kicker that will hopefully be great for years and years to come… I watched him for years with my wife being an FSU Alumn and he was as solid as it gets for a college kicker and if he stays healthy he could have the longest Buccaneer career ever and a 3rd and 4th round pick will seem like peanuts…

    1. 3.1


      Good point…we basically took him in the 3rd anyway

      1. 3.1.1


        No, it’s a terrible point, lol. When you trade multiple picks for a player, you are necessarily giving up all of the players you could have taken with those picks when you make that decision. Once we made that trade with Chicago in the 1st, that 4th round pick was OURS every bit as much as every one of our other picks. Just like with all of our other picks, we would have used it to pick another player to try to help the team. Instead, we packaged it with our 3rd rounder to get Aguayo. As such, we spent two picks on him. Period.

        And we didn’t get it for “free” – we moved back in the 1st round to get that pick. We gave up potential value and took on some risk to get that pick. We paid a price for it. And then we traded it away. It was ours to use.

  4. 4


    They were probably gonna take him later on and caught wind he was gonna get picked up so they went for it… Everybody wants to discount how important a kicker is but then calls for his head when a kicker misses… There is no guarantee he will be perfect but we just made a move to give us the best chance at kicker that we can get… So I say great job… It shows our GM and Coaches are actively thinking about our future and not just phoning in this weak draft…

  5. 5


    This one will spark some fantastic debate on here but after last season this is worth it. In essence we traded our 3rd for him. I’m guessing licht heard something about someone being interested in him. If he’s as accurate as he was at fsu it’s well worth it. Our kicker is locked up for the next 10 years. Licht is one bold guy I’ll give him that. I would’ve preferred the safety Bell there but we technically got a starter. I am damn sure I’m going to be called a homer by Jon for this haha.

    1. 5.1


      I actually liked the selection, kickers are under valued in this league and the game is won and lost on the tip of their foot more than people think. Ps Cg you are a homer ha

      1. 5.1.1


        Have to agree with you jongruden. Seems like a weird pick but 10 years from now will tell all.

      2. 5.1.2


        Agreed Jon, kickers have never been more important. People also forget that Connor Barth was terrible at kickoffs. As for being a homer, HELL YEAH I A! HOping we get Dalvin Cooke next year for as I call it “the holy trinity”!

  6. 6


    Not a big deal these are the 3 guys they targeted with the first 3 picks, just used the freebie they picked up yesterday to assure they got the kicker

  7. 7


    I just watched Koetter and Licht’s post-pick news conference. They had Aguayo targeted for the third round. They consider it making certain they got their guy.

    Go Bucs!!!

  8. 8


    I still the Bucs are going to be in the market for a safety in the later rounds; I hope they consider Deon Bush out of UM.

  9. 9


    Some times the kicker drop in their lap.I think Jags was going to take him the next time they were on the clocks. Iam so glad that Tampa pick Noah Spence also. Now at Tampa pick in Rd-4 Lets get that DT that are still there I think there are 2 of them that could slide to Tampa at 108. I guess that Qb Mike Glennon will be ther with Tampa in 2016 go bucs. Great selections

  10. 10


    Bell went 2 picks later. Been working on draft board for 3 months, that’s what you do when your retired. We lost no less than 10 need options that would have provided depth and may have developed into a starter. Alexander was a 4th rounder last year. Think I”ll take up stamp collecting next year.

  11. 11


    This has been a brilliant draft so far. These are the exact 3 players they wanted in the first 3 rounds. And they will all be starters. Anyone who is freaking out about the kicker must not have watched any NFL games last season and saw how many games were lost and won by kickers. Another solid draft so far Licht, best GM we’ve ever had. That’s 7 starters in the last 2 drafts now. The guy knows how to put together a team. I love the direction we are headed and Licht should win GM of the year after this season

    1. 11.1


      I believe we lost at least 2 games if not 3. Plus the demoralizing of the team and fans when the offense drove down before the half and then missed the kick.

  12. 12


    I have followed Aguayo his entire FSU carreer and I followed Janikowski his whole career at FSU and went to all the home games. Aguayo is by far better. He’s more accurate and he can drive the ball deep or hang it up on kick offs. All we did was move up in the late 2nd round and it only cost us a 3rd and a 4th. I’d take that anytime. I’m pretty sure he was going to be drafted within a few picks so there was no need to risk not getting him; it’s a no brainer.

    1. 12.1


      Well said Horse. Great pick!

    2. 12.2


      I agree Horse. New Orleans needs a kicker and they picked two spots after the place Tampa moved up to get him. Maybe we can trade them Patrick Murray!

    3. 12.3


      Janiskowski is even as accurate as Barth based on their kicking history. Total waste of a #1 draft pick considering that the best kickers in the NFL today weren’t even drafted

      1. 12.3.1


        I said greatest out of College; yet to be proven what he will do in the NFL. I’m sure he’ll also be great in the NFL too.

  13. 13


    Huh? I can’t buy into this pick. A kicker in the second round? The last can’t miss kicker drafted in the second round was Mike Nugent. Cut by the Jets and Bucs. Kicking in the NFL is a lot different then in college. The NFL is full of great kickers that were undrafted. If you look up the top three most accurate kickers of all time, I bet they were undrafted. Licht is basically telling us that a kicker was more valuable than 2 positional players that would be available at the time they pick in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Licht must have a tough time evaluating kickers since he was the one that brought in Brindza and wasted a draft pick and cut him after 4 games where he arguably cost us a win in each of those games.

  14. 14


    I meant if we just took him 3rd I’d be ok not 2nd. Giving the 4th rd too? I don’t know. Seems like they panicked to me. He wasn’t going to be there at 9th pick in 3rd?

  15. 15


    It is amazing how one minute there is no telling what other teams are thinking and a second later “I’m pretty sure he was going to be drafted within a few picks so there is no need to risk not getting him; it’s a no brainer”. I agree with the last two words, a no brainer was on site.

  16. 16


    Relax guys. I just heard from a reliable source here in Honolulu that the Bucs are actively trying to move up into the 3rd round to select this year’s best long snapper!LOL. I think we should draft the best holder as well.

    1. 16.1


      Remember when the Bucs traded for Kyle Brinza and Lovie immediately made him the starting kicker? Remember how many games he lost for the Bucs? Remember when Patrick Murray cost the Bucs the Washington game? Remember when Conner Barth…I hope you get the point. Kickers are important. Especially with extra points being moved back and touchbacks being moved up to the 25. Its a smart pick of a local guy who is the best at his position in years.

  17. 17


    LOVE this pick. Watched every Roberto kick in college and the guy is a machine. Totally a weapon and well worth what was essentially a third rounder. Go Bucs. Go Noles!

  18. 18


    Now we should target Billings, and possibly match last years draft by adding 4 starters

  19. 19


    We are gonna be a force next season. I think Winston is gonna knock the socks off of everyone in the league this year. I can not wait to see how much he improves in year 2. This team is finally headed in the right direction. Most excited I’ve been in my 17 years as a bucs fan. Feels like watching Ronde pick off McNabb 2 times in the NFC championship game all over again. That’s the feeling I have inside about this season! Go J Wins!

  20. 20


    I hear the kicker is faster than the other two picks

    1. 20.1


      I also heard he is a better tackler than the other two:)

  21. 21


    I love the pick but not the payment! That is….unless Licht had dependable G2 that some one in the late 2nd was going to take him. Then that makes the payment at least understandable. And I think in his presser Licht seemed to imply that.

    Otherwise, why not trade up in the 3rd round and give up a 5th or 6th round. Those two almost back to back 4th round picks may have been two Kwons. lol.

    But never look back, we’re still on serve as they say on tennis and Aguayo is a fantastic asset to have on your roster.

  22. 22


    The kicker pick was unexpected but I believe a solid move.Our kickers have been streaky at best over the last decade,this should stop the revolving door.and since kickers often get points an offense leaves on the field,it’s going to prove to be a solid move for our future…Go Bucs- hope tomorrow brings us some future stars!

  23. 23


    Just an early morning thought. If this pick feels like a dumb or unnecessary move to you, blame Kyle Brindza! Remembering Kyle on 4th down, makes this seem like a no-brainer. Lol.

    1. 23.1


      What I remember most about it is Clueless Lovie trading away a decent backup TE in Tim Wright for that shank machine Brindza.

      I’m glad Lovie is numbing the Illini fans to death with his say-nothing press conferences instead of us now!

  24. 24


    I had a hunch the Bucs would take him in the 3rd round which essentially is what Licht did. From the original allotment of Draft picks, we used our 3rd rounder. As I recall Automatica Gramatica was a third rounder. For anyone who thinks this move didn’t make sense……….did you see us lose games last year because of the mediocre kicking?

  25. 25


    Picking Aguayo shows Licht forward thinking. The kicking rules are different now and the extra point isn’t an automatic. It was a bold and brilliant move to make sure the pat’s are automatic. This is awesome!!!!!

  26. 26


    Fredster, we didn’t give up two picks to get him. Read Scubog’s last post. We stared the night with picks, 1 2 3 4, we finished the night picking, 1 2 2 4! See the difference?

    1. 26.1


      Actually surfer, we started the night with 1 2 3 4 4 because we got another 4th when we traded down in the 1st. They used the 4th we got from Chicago to move back into the 2nd.

      I think what you mean is we still have the same number of picks we started the draft with. That’s why I say we’re still on serve. No big deal!

  27. 27


    I like the pick. Like I said a month or so ago, now we don’t have to worry about that position for 15 years. All the teams that go deep into the playoffs have good kicking.

  28. 28


    Ask the Minnesota Vikings if they would like to have a kicker who has never miss inside the 40.

    1. 28.1


      Exactly! Aguayo isn’t expected to be perfect although it just so happens that from inside 40, he is!

  29. 29


    Two great picks and then we do something so utterly senseless that we are again the laughingstock of the league.

  30. 30


    Licht made a bone-headed trade for an unproven Brindza when he had a proven Connor Barth available. What’s wrong with Barth anyway? From the data below, you can see he is the 13th most accurate kicker in NFL history. BTW, most of those kickers were never even drafted. Do you see Janikowski on that list that the Raiders picked at #1? So we couldn’t have used FS Vonn Bell and DT Javon Hargraves with those two picks traded away?

    1. Dan Bailey (28) 90.566% 2011-2015 dal
    2. Justin Tucker (26) 87.838% 2012-2015 rav
    3. Stephen Gostkowski (32) 87.342% 2006-2015 nwe
    4. Steven Hauschka (30) 86.813% 2008-2015 3TM
    5. Mike Vanderjagt 86.466% 1998-2006 2TM
    6. Nate Kaeding 86.190% 2004-2012 2TM
    7. Rob Bironas 85.663% 2005-2013 oti
    8. Shayne Graham (38) 85.494% 2001-2015 10T
    9. Robbie Gould (34) 85.449% 2005-2015 chi
    10. Blair Walsh (26) 85.211% 2012-2015 min
    11. Matt Bryant (40) 84.986% 2002-2015 5TM
    12. Dan Carpenter (30) 84.766% 2008-2015 2TM
    13. Connor Barth (29)

    1. 30.1


      I felt the same way about the VH3 pick, based on his size and matchups in the division, but he’s here now and I am on board. Aguayo is the best player at his position and he gives the team confidence that Barth or Murray didn’t. On to the next round…

      1. 30.1.1


        13th most accurate kicker in NFL history is not good enough? This guy better be really good.



          You seem to keep forgetting that Barth is also terrible at kickoffs. The dude has the leg strength of an infant an had 50% of his kickoffs returned last year. That’s terrible. And no the 13th most accurate kicker isn’t good enough. We lost at least three games due to kicking last year. I can see your point a bit on taking him too high with our other needs, but they were taking him in the 3rd no matter what.



            You also can’t skew the facts by saying Barth is the 13th best kicker on that list when he’s kicked about half as many field goals as EVERY kicker you just listed.

  31. 31


    Surferdudes, I understand the math bro. Actually surfer as Mac stated we started 1,2,3,4,4. We wasted an extra 4th IMO. Picks are valuable. (Kwon Alexander) just because we aquired an extra pick doesn’t make it expendable. I still trust Licht so I’m assuming he had solid Intel he wouldn’t be there when we picked 3rd. If he didn’t then he panicked like I already said and that’s not good. Don’t love the pick using the 4th. We now have 5,6,and 7 to to add another starter on defense. If that doesn’t happen and Spence doesn’t work out then this draft was a wash for improving our pass rush and defensive. Spence has talent but guy was eating ecstasy like candy so he is risk.

    Stand by what I said if we just used 3rd I’d like it more. Moving on see if we get anything worthwhile in 5 next.

  32. 32


    I Meant still have one 4th,5th,6th, and 7th.

    1. 32.1


      I get what everybody is saying and feeling. Actually fredster, we 4th, 5th, 6th and 6th. We traded the 7th and got another 6th in the Redskins/Goldson trade. Doesn’t make one feel any better, but both CBs Richard Sherman and Josh Norman were drafted in the 5th round (I’m rationalizing).

  33. 33


    Hoping we go defense in 4th again. Would feel better if had two shots in 4th at getting more D line help. DE or DT. Think PR was right about needing DT very bad too.

  34. 34


    Vtrantb agree 100%. It’s not that the kicker isn’t great it’s exactly what we both said. Barth was so bad at 13th overall accuracy we had to waste picks and take this guy? Good example of two guys we could have had at 3 and 4 that could greatly improved this defense in Bell and Hargraves.

    Oh well moving on hope it works out just don’t see how him being little better than Barth fixes our defense or pass rush……

  35. 35


    Love how bizarre the thinking of some fans is…he got the extra pick so he could do just what he did, if necessary…and still got the guy he wanted in the first. We got the DE we wanted in the 2nd. Trading the 3rd and additional forth was essentially the guy he wanted in the third…and now you criticize him…and your logic? That he could have gotten another Kwon in the 4th, which was like hitting the lottery…and on that basis you hold the trade against him? Wow…that is crazy. Trust in him…starters rounds one and two…best kicker since Ray Guy, possibly? I’ll take it…any day.. and maybe one or possibly two more starters in R. 4-6? Fantastic.

    1. 35.1


      So we got an extra pick in the 4th so we can just fritter it away? It is like winning a lottery and blowing it just because. Best kicker? He was 5 out of 10 last year from over 40. Barth had a better long term track record over 40. He better not miss many kicks next year at the stadium, otherwise, he will be booed mercilessly.

      1. 35.1.1


        You are completely undervaluing kickers. Over 70 kicks missed last year in the NFL and that’s just extra points. That’s a lot of points on the board when the average game is probably decided by 6 points or less. Again, I can see people complaining about where we took him, but you’re just looking at the stats as well and I”m not making excuses, but two of those misses were from over 60 yards and both blocked. When we win our first game with a field goal, you’ll understand.

    2. 35.2


      Great post Mark. It simply amazes me how folks look at the Draft Game as if there aren’t 31 other teams playing too and expect each choice to be a future star.

  36. 36


    Like macabee just an early morning thought. Last night the price we paid for a kicker literaly blew my mind as well as my draft board. But if he wins some games for us, thats a good thing and if he was in Licht and Koetter’s plan so be it. but at 10:30 last night I was so pissed off I ordered a Pizza and Wings to sooth my anger and confusion, that was a good thing. I’m better this morning.

    1. 36.1


      Good idea martinii! They’re called comfort foods –
      food that provides consolation or a feeling of well-being, typically any with a high sugar or other carbohydrate content and associated with childhood or home cooking.

      I’m going to try that next time. If it doesn’t work. I’m going back to Jack Daniels. lol.

  37. 37


    a kicker ..great ! but NOT giving up a 2nd round pick …come on. At least the bucs got the nfl laughing

  38. 38


    I saw where a pundit at SI already gave the Bucs an “A” for picking Spence and an “F” for taking Aguayo. He followed by saying that you don’t pick a kicker in the second round.

    My response: Yes you do! That is ,yes you do but, only once in a very long while. You do it when you are convinced that he is something special and will prove his worth. You do it when you really intended to pick him next.

    The draft is about getting potential starters and/or highly important contributors in the early rounds. Then you try to fill other needs for backups and special teams support.

    You can’t be hidebound. You can’t treat conventional wisdom as unbreakable laws.

    Go Bucs!!!

    1. 38.1


      Special? 5 out of 10 over 40 yards last year. So we don’t have any other needs that we have a luxury of drafting a kicker in the 2nd round.

  39. 39


    I will be interested to see Pewter Report weigh in on this selection.

  40. 40


    I have a couple of friends here in Iowa that are Viking fans. So, I asked them what they thought of the Bucs picking Aguayo. They applauded it and wished the Vikings would of done it. I admit it’s a small sample size. But, I urge you all to look at this from their point of view. Go Bucs!!!

  41. 41


    I wasn’t that happy with the draft because we picked a small DB and DE, but then we got Aguayo and I was up beat and got out of my funk. I looked at the DB and DE position from a different point of view again and came to the conclussion that once again the GM knows 1oo times more than me. I’m a happy Buc Fan! Go Bucs!

  42. 42


    PR: Scott, Mark,

    Please see if you can get some insider info by looking deeper into why the Bucs traded back up for our new kicker. If you can’t find out now put it on the backburner. My guess is more than one of us would be happy to learn more whenever it comes to light.

    Somewhere sometime between last night and this morning I came across the idea that the Jacksonville was going to take Aguayo. I don’t know where I got this. Does anyone out there know?

    I am with you vtrantb. I am looking forward to comments from Pewter Report.

    Go Bucs!!!

    1. 42.1


      My guess is just that. The Bucs caught wind of someone taking him, and I think I heard the same as you in the Jacksonville rumor. They are building the other Nole team in Florida. haha

      1. 42.1.1


        Sorry, you don’t draft kickers in the 2nd round. Do you understand that the top kickers in the leagues were never drafted? This is a luxury pick when we have many holes on both the defensive and offensive sides.



          vtrantb – Tom Brady was taken in the sixth round!! #199 overall!! He’s the greatest clutch QB of all time!! You don’t draft a QB in the first round!! Tell me a first round or second round QB that is better than TOM BRADY!! Everyone who disagrees is dumb!!



            I don’t understand your point. Of course, you draft a franchise QB in the first round since it is the most valued position on the field. You can draft a QB in any round because of the importance of the position. My point is you don’t draft a kicker in the 2nd round since they are “a dime a dozen”. The best kickers are never drafted. Janiskowski isn’t even in top 15 most accurate kicker in NFL history and he was drafted #1. Alex Henery was drafted in the fourth round by the Eagles and is the second most accurate kicker in NCAA history above Aguayo (he is third). Henery isn’t even consider an above average kicker if he is still kicking.

  43. 43


    We are the laughing stock of the NFL. Please name a GOOD team that used a 2nd round pick for a kicker.

    Licht did not learn anything from being with the Patriots. Let picks come to you, do not chase.

    This pick only makes sense if you have a ton of draft picks or you are 1 piece from the Super Bowl. We are neither.

    1. 43.1


      Exactly. Last time a kicker was picked this high was Mike Nugent in the 2nd round and that was 11 years ago. How did that work out? I guess the other 31 NFL teams were wrong.

  44. 44


    Wasted pick, this guy is a complete turd that doesn’t have an NFL leg.. sorry FSU homers.

    1. 44.1


      Doesn’t have an NFL leg? Based on what? Every piece of empirical evidence says you are wrong. Probably won’t be the last time…

  45. 45


    And toofamiliar your point is literal but terrible… So you are trying to say that the extra 4th round special teamer they would have picked up breaks the deal? A pick isn’t a pick until it is made. The draft is used to chose players you want to make your team better. You are discounting what a 2nd round pick is worth… If they feel someone was gonna jump up and grab him and needed to get him where they did then a 3rd and 4th round selection is worth trading for a 2nd round talent… So your point is moot and terrible… Laugh out loud

    1. 45.1


      Tell that to Kwon Alexander. He was a 4th round pick. There were many highly regarded positional players available. People have mentioned a few. So what we are saying that a kicker is more important than 2 positional players. Kickers are a commodity. Dan Bailey is a pro bowler and is the most accurate kicker of all time. Compare him to the Bucs former kicker Bryant, who is in the top 10 most accurate kicker of all time. They were both undrafted so are most of the kickers in the top 10. Thus it doesn’t warrant paying the price of a 2nd pick. There is no guarantee that he will as good in the pros. There are many examples of highly drated kicker that was a fail in the NFL. If you want to use Janikoski as an example of a #1 pick, he isn’t even in the top 10 most accurate kicker.

  46. 46


    I don’t care what anyone says, There is a reason why Bucs draft high over and over. This may be the greatest kicker of all time, but you don’t give away a3rd round pick to move up 2 positions so that you can draft a kicker when you have so many needs. You notice we only got a 4th moving down 2 picks in 1st round. Some things never change.

  47. 47


    seat 26… you are correct!
    Drafting the best extra point kicker in ncaa was dumb…. trading up for…. easily the dumbest move ever. Jonathan bullard or another DE in the 3rd and Pharoh Cooper in the 4th, but no we grab a guy who was 35th in fg% last year and made 1 kick over 50 yds. Its hard to finish last in a division every year but some how we have been able to do it 5 yrs in a row and don’t look for that trend to stop

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