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  1. 1


    That would be the most foolish move since drafting Bo Jackson. Brees has at most three to four years left and they want the #1 pick in the draft? We would be the laughing stock of the NFL. Then again anything is possible with the Bucs.

  2. 2


    If the Saints or any other team are willing to trade their draft to the Bucs for the 1st pick I say pull the trigger. Buuuuuut I just think we cant afford to pass on Winston. Even for Drew Brees.

  3. 3


    If Lovie even remotely considers this he should be fired immediately. I’d let the Saints rot in the cap hell they created and happily pound them twice a year until they figure it out.

    1. 3.1


      Could not agree more stl. Let the saints rot in the cap hell they created by grosely overpaying the very qb we are talking about here.

    2. 3.2

      BucFan circa76

      AMEN STLBUCSFAN!! We owe them about a decade of poundings, truthfully.

  4. 4


    This might be the dumbest rumor of all time. If the bucs are dumb enough to make this move I’m done with them. Why in the hell would you want an aging qb that cost way too much money, coming off of his worst statistical season? Completely moronic.

    1. 4.1


      cg…Would be right their with you. I would be calling the Bucs to try and get a REFUND on my season tickets for this year. This is some rumor a SAINTS fan dreamt up!

    2. 4.2


      they do this I’m a Cards Fan from here on out

  5. 5


    No pun intended but I will jump ship if they even consider this. These are the type of deals that keep us in continued mediocrity. Anyone who thinks a quarterback at the end of his career is worth trading for the number 1 over all pick is one step short of riding a special bus

  6. 6


    Stay the course… ignore the last minute Culverhouse temptations… Draft Winston. e

  7. 7


    +1 that I’d walk the plank too!

  8. 8


    Ignore both of the scenarios presented in this article and draft Mariota. I’ll also add that Brees did not have a good season last year. We took the Saints down to the wire in the 1st game and we could have beat them in the 2nd game if we wanted to. The fact that SR didn’t even mention how many INT’s he threw with those 33 TD’s speaks volumes. I think Brees has zero good years left in him and I haven’t been afraid for the Bucs to play the Saints for a long time now, since Brees is generally good for 2 or 3 INT’s a game against us.

  9. 9


    If there is any truth to this,this franchise is run by idiots…Brees is awesome,dont get me wrong~but he is at the tail end of his career.I said earlier in the season that we need to fear the Saints moving up to snag Mariota,which I believe is their target(they now have 2 first round picks and could move to 2-4).Winston has basically only been linked to the Bucs with the 1st pick and thats it.Mariota on the other hand has been linked to the Titans,Rams,Jets,and Eagles so far~making him the prize to chase after(he seems attainable while Winston isnt considered due to the strong belief that the Bucs will not pass on him).Mariotas stock will rise due to the need of many teams for a franchise QB.This is where we need to be careful.Is the interest in Mariota due to the fact these clubs really view him as the best QB talent out there or is this hype being built up to get the Bucs to waiver on Winston and pick Mariota so the battle for Winston can be had? If the Bucs stick to the script and draft Winston this is a non issue.If we draft Mariota and people begin to trade the farm to move up to the second pick,we would have been had and will continue to be a laughing stock in this league…I say we stick with Winston and hope he is the answer to our QB question~let the rest of them fight it out for Mariota.If he lands with the Saints,we could have great head to head battles for years to come…

    1. 9.1


      cremdonado, Well said!

    2. 9.2


      Cremdonado, I agree that many other teams have real interest in Mariota. I also agree that no one else has shown interest in Winston. Since I strongly believe the Bucs will pick Mariota where I differ from you is that Winston will not go #2 overall when we pass on him. I strongly believe every other team in the NFL is hoping we pick Winston so they won’t be faced with the decision of taking on his high risk of poor off-the-field behavior along with his INT’s. If we pass on him, most others will be afraid to touch him as well. I think Winston will drop to at least the Jets if not all the way to the Rams. Foles is playing on a cheap contract so there’s no harm in adding Winston in St. Louis. Given the QB trades that have happened so far there’s nothing that says Winston couldn’t fall all the way to the Saints at #13 if they stand pat. I’d have no problem facing him and his multiple INT’s twice a year. Even Verner can’t drop as many potential INT’s as Louisville and Florida did last year.

      1. 9.2.1


        Ok Pink, you have to be the only one who just can’t see the writing on the wall. There’s a reason people are talking about Mariota, because NO ONE thinks Winston makes it past the Bucs. I would bet the farm, if WInston doesn’t go to us, he would be gone in the next pick.
        As for the INT’s, it’s a tired argument. College int’s have nothing to do with pro INT’s. Dan Marino had 46 int’s his last two seasons of college. The list goes on. It’s a hell of a lot tougher to throw Int’s when you’re throwing 5 yard screens literally every other play. You might as well get on board because the only shock in this draft would be the Bucs not taking WInston.



          Pink- wake up dude Mariota is not coming to Tampa, he hasn’t even been there on a visit Winston has



          The guys who have played the game think one way and…. there’s our beloved Pink! lol.


      2. 9.2.2


        Pink I agree with you completely.

    3. 9.3


      The people that change the world are the people that the world cannot change.

      1. 9.3.1



        Google the Flat Earth Society!

  10. 10


    I also believe that the Saints are the best landing spot for Mariota.He can learn behind Brees for a few years to allow him to develop and take the pressure away from him needing to start now…The Saints are at a point where they are going to need to restructure~which their moves in FA so far are indicating…They could end up ahead of the curve by finding their future FQB first,and rebuilding around their future star…

  11. 11


    Maybe the Glazers have spending their billions on a time machine and we’re actually talking about trading for 2007 Drew Brees….otherwise, as has been noted…pure nonsense!

  12. 12


    Someone’s having a slow news day if this is the best they can come up with.

    1. 12.1


      Agreed ColoradoBuc.

  13. 13


    Easy answer? NO! Why even bring it up in the first place?

  14. 14


    I’d trade the #1 pick for Rodgers, or Luck, but not for anyone else, as they are either too old, or too bad!

  15. 15


    I’m shocked that some of you blow this rumor off as being bad for Tampa. They acquire 2 first round picks in the deal, and unless Winston is an out-of-the-park no brainer (which is CLEARLY not the case) there is no way on Earth one can honestly say don’t consider it.

    Notice I didn’t say do it, but to not even consider it? What if 5 years from now the truth is Winston is a lot like E.J. Manuel, big, strong, and just…decent. And what if I told you Tampa acquires Brees who noone would argue is a top 10 QB in this league (despite one letdown year) and what IF they land a quality starter with 1 of it’s 2 1st round picks? Would the deal still look terrible 5 years from now?

    You gotta be honest. There are literally 5-7 legendary QB’s on Planet Earth. That’s it. Maybe Winston is the next one, all I’m saying is that statistically, he’s not. He might be good, even very good, but I’d argue for the production you get from Brees and the ability to REALLY stick it to NO is to let them whiff and miss on the average QB and join the other 20 teams around the league who’s searching for a quality leader under center to lead their franchise.

    Some of you are really sold Winston or Mariotta are going to be superstars in the NFL based on their college tape. All I’m saying is statistically, if you think Winston is the next Brady, Manning, Luck, or Aaron Rodgers, I’m going argue all day long you’re going to be wrong.

    1. 15.1


      I hear what you’re saying – consider everything. When one considers that Wash gave up a #2, #6, #22 and #39 picks for the 2nd overall selection (and yes that deal may well have been far too rich, but hey it was a done deal), I think #13, #31 and a QB with 2 years left in the tank (?) is not a good deal (especially when we have no other QB – remember the Rams had Bradford)…in essence, in a couple of years time we’d have no QB and be trying to tank into the top 5 of picks again to try and get one…I think when you are soooo QB needy as us, and you finally have the #1 pick, there really is no option.

    2. 15.2


      Still have those clairvoyant skills going huh BF? Certainly it’s unlikely for any QB to reach the heights of the group you mentioned. But to infer that only you could predict the obvious is well….typical.

      1. 15.2.1


        lol, apparently it’s not obvious to most of these posters. They appear to be sold Winston is the next Brady.

  16. 16


    If we got Brees and the entire NO draft, so we could trade up at will to get all of the players we need, then it MIGHT be worth it, but we would have the same problem we have now in two or three years and no #1 pick to get the QB we need.

  17. 17


    Remember what Grudens knowledge of Gannon did to Gannon in the Super Bowl.Payton could do the same with Brees…

  18. 18


    I dont even want jameis but I definitely would not trade my pick for brees

  19. 19


    Maybe for brees and jimmy butehe’s gone now

  20. 20


    I’d think that Tampa should get Winston or Mariota with 1st pick. Then get the best players available in each round. That would be the solution that I think Tampa can work with. Now if Tampa can get an OG, OT and another TE in FA .Then Tampa can choose wisley in the draft. Go Bucs

  21. 21


    And now Jabaal Sheard is off the market too. So that basically leaves what…Derrick Morgan? So whatever we would pay Derrick Morgan, plus the $7 mil dead cap money, is a better package than Michael Johnson at $9 mil? If we don’t sign Greg Hardy then we’ve actually worsened our pass rush situation this offseason. Nice roster management folks.

  22. 22


    That rumor had to be concocted by some Saints fan who did a little too much preparation for Mardi Gras. As someone said, they got themselves in that salary cap mess. That team, with Brees wasn’t much better than our McCown led group.

    1. 22.1
  23. 23


    Just say no to Drew Brees. All I can think of is how Joe Montana went to Kansas City at the end of his career and led the Chiefs to the playoffs once and they haven’t been back since. Meanwhile, the 49ers regularly went to the playoffs with Steve Young at the helm, including winning it all. I hope the Bucs have the courage to take the top QB in the draft class.

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