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    If the front four put pressure on Brees, LB’s stay close to the TE and RB out in the flats. and Safties/Nickel play any Receiver tight in their area, and the CB’s do the same, then Brees will only get about 20-24 point. If our offense can use the clock to our advantageand Glennon strikes when he can, then we can get 20-24 points. It just might come down to Special Teams in this game. Go Bucs!

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    Bucs can win if they don’t make mistakes and turn ball over. Need to run and keep breeze on sidelines. Saints looked flat in Dallas. Their defense stinks. Still if breeze gets going. I’m concerned about graham over middle and bucs inability to get off field on third down so often.

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    Lovie admitted that they are “staying up late at night” trying to figure out how the defense can stop Drew Brees. Think Rob Ryan is taking No Doze worrying about Mike Glennon……..or just watching game tapes of our offense the first three games to keep from nodding off? ZZZZZZZZZZ

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    This article says it all with regards to our biggest concern…DEFENSE! Our defense is a bottom dweller in the NFL right now. We all know what it will take on defense to have a chance and thus far this year it hasn’t happened. I just hope we can make it competitive. That would mean a better defense overall up to this point in the year, if not what happened in Atlanta may very well happen again.

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    Drew Brees is gonna pick us apart. our secondary sucks and our pass rush has been very inconsistent. Can we even stop the run? i dont think so. New Orleans will run away with this.

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    Pass rush, then stop Jimmy Graham and the down the middle passing lanes need MLB to drop into coverage, and safeties closing in. Will need ground game to slow the game and keep saints off the field. And oh yeah – we need to score.

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    The only numbers you need to know (and the only thing Mark Barron and Dane Fletcher need focus on): Game 1..Olsen = 83yds + 1 TD, Game 2…Cooks/Kendricks = 71 yds, Game 4 Miller = 85 yds + 1 TD, and last year against the ‘Aints Grahame in round 1 = 179 yds + 1 TD and in round 2 = 71 yds + 1 TD. STOP THE FREAKIN TEs PLEASE!!!!!

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    If the defensive secondary improves and they spy Graham at least part of the time, we have a shot, but this one looks like a bad match up for us.

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    I’m w/ Horse on not conceding hardly anything. Compete for balls, and if you get beat a couple of times, it’s better than Brees finishing 35-of-45, Saints dominating time of possession, and ultimately the Bucs Defense imploding due to frustration & exhaustion by midpoint of the 3rd Qtr. Based on this yr’s film, not playing soft in coverage should catch them off guard.

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    Bucs win. Wont be easy but I believe they can get it done. I love goldson but wright is a better in coverage. So I believe we will have a few int. Front 4 will have a few sacks also. Now on offense run ball keep our D off the field and no turnovers which I think shouldnt be hard to do. And Bucs will come out on top

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    This thread reminds of the old adage, “If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have a Merry Christmas” If our D-line … if our O-line … if we contain Brees … if we contain Graham … if we cover the flats … if we do this, that, and the other thing we might win … Whew, it’s going to be a tough game.

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    richbucsfan, you are right, that is what struck me, that all parts of the defense have to have an exceptional game to be able to stop Brees from putting up big numbers…and I don’t care how much some are enamored with Glennon, he is not a QB that can put up 35 points in a game, so the D better keep it in the low 20’s.

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