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    So I think what I just read is almost all of the Defensive side as to coaching is gone and so is our past defensive scheme. Unfortunately gone is Hardy Nickerson which I sincerely wish him the very best.

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    I don’t get. This has to be Mike Smith’s hand at work. Hardy is a class coach and was replaced with a lesser coach. I this does not become a first rate defense immediately, I will be on Smith like bees on honey; like white on rice. I will post this site to death!!!!

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    You forgot one 76. “Stink on $hit”. How about “Ugly on Rosanne”?

    Looks to me like Cullen was already leaving on his own accord. Perhaps it was the same for Hardy. It may be that one or both wanted to go elsewhere.

    I know nothing about either of these new hires but I am willing to give them benefit of the doubt. After all, it shouldn’t be too much of a task to improve the ability to stop an opponent on 3rd down or defend a pass better than 70% of the time.

    Many wanted to trash the “antiquated” Tampa-2. Perhaps we needed folks to teach the “New and Improved” scheme.

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    Licht was prudent retaining both coaches until a D.C. was chosen. Smith wanted his own guys, and they are highly regarded. Our defensive players need all new voices I’m afraid. Smith comes a board with a good resume too. He had other D.C. offers. Hopefully he’s like Wade Philips, who went back to being a successful D.C.

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    Nothing wrong with the coaches he is bringing in. Good track record. Cullen wasn’t staying anyway. 4…3 defense with lots of tight coverage and PRESSURE. Smith’s defense.

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