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Mark Cook currently is the director of editorial content and Bucs beat writer and has written for PewterReport.com since 2011. Cook has followed the Buccaneers since 1977 when he first began watching football with his Dad and is fond of the 1979 Bucs team that came within 10 points of going to a Super Bowl. His favorite Bucs game is still the 1979 divisional playoff win 24-17 over the Eagles. In his spare time Cook enjoys playing guitar, fishing, surfing and family time at the beach. In addition, Cook can be found in front of a television or in Doak Campbell any time the FSU Seminoles are playing. Cook is a native of Pinecrest in Eastern Hillsborough County and has written for numerous publications including the Tampa Tribune, In the Field and Ya'll Magazine. Cook can be reached at mark@pewterreport.com

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    They began with a loss to the worst team and ended it with one to arguably the best. What does that say? That it’s up to them.

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      Well Guys-The nO#1 pick has done things this year, and looking forward to see who Tampa adds thru Free Agent and the rookie class of 2016. I’ve seen teams come and go. But at 70 years old I would like Tampa reward the fans who pay good money to follow them-GO Bucs hasppy 2016 GL Hicks a native of Tampa bay.

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    Seems like the perceptive young quarterback is sending a message to Jason Licht and staff to rid the team of Lovie’s F.A. veteran defenders and replace them with guys like Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David. I wonder what Gerald McCoy would bring in a trade.

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    Every picture of Lovie on the sideline, he’s alone staring up at space. What the hell is he looking at?

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      That’s not just every picture surfer, that’s his actual game face. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen any emotion or even movement from the guy. Maybe if he stuck up for his players to the refs and showed them he had their back, they would play harder. I for one am so happy
      Jameis called them all out. He’s right. Too much of a losers mentality in one bucs place and it’s time to win, not “have fun” like McCoy stated in his lame pregame speech

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    I’d be fine with getting rid of McCoy if the trade value and deal was in our favor. Have no doubt he’s a good guy and great father, but as a player I can’t stand him. You don’t have to be a dick like Sapp but you have to have passion to win like Sapp. No way winning is that important to him. Add in some of his odd statements and how he’s looked on sidelines at times…..plus can’t stay healthy. Be fine sending him and his floppy hat packing.

    1. 4.1


      Hmm this is a tough one. Gerald has produced, but i personally can’t stand his “let’s just have fun” attitude.” He was injured this year as well, but as you stated , that’s nothing new. You could easily get a first rounder for him, and that would be the only way I would trade him.

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    After watching Winston Press Conference and thinking about it overnight; I have changed my thoughts about Lovie and support giving him another chance. I trust Winston and when he basically says all the coaches are all in and working hard to get the wins; then says that some of the players need to do the same says alot as to where the real problem is. I think we all screwed up with the thought this team could turn it around in just two years. We have to be rid of players who aren’t pushing themselves hard enough at the NFK level. First thing I would do is contact Evans Agent and ask Evans to go into anger management program and learn to take the emotions and convert it to more positive energy. Lee Roy Selmon and Derrick Brooks are perfect examples of how you do it. i hope to see a lot of players staying in town and working out here with many of the other players from the Bucs and other teams. Heck I think the other owners on other teams do the same as this would improve off season friendly competitive exercising. Go Bucs!

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    Here is what I would do this offseason if I were Licht and Lovie (assuming Lovie is back):

    DBs – I would replace the entire secondary coaching staff (including is son, Mikal). This has been an underperforming position that has seen players regress instead of progress. While this is on players, the coaches definitely had a hand in the issues. Keep Adjei-Barimah, Moore, and Banks and try to get Verner to accept a pay cut into the 2-3 million range. Add talent through the draft and free agency (mid-level free agents, CB and S, whom the scouting department think my flourish in our system). Let everyone compete and keep the achievers. Also, adjust the coaching so that CBs are no longer always playing head up to outside shade, allowing teams to repeatedly complete slants and crosses (easiest throws for a QB to make). Force more passes to the outside perimeters, a harder throw because of the need for accuracy and arm strength. Also, gives the CBs better opportunities to undercut the throws.

    Keep the LB and DLine coaching staffs intact. Cullen and Nickerson did an excellent job and need to continue developing the players. I would give Carter a serious look at SLB this upcoming year. He played very well when he was on the field.

    DEs – Keep Smith, Gholston, and Jones, infuse talent through a high draft pick or two and some free agents. While Smith is a nice player, I don’t think he is a top flight DE that causes matchup problems. I think he would be an excellent rotational player who can rotate in on passing downs to provide extra pressure (this also might help him with his injury issues by limiting his snaps).

    DC – We need to get a topflight defensive coordinator. I would love to see Rod Marinelli become available and take over the position, but either way, we need someone who can take over the position full-time and relieve Lovie of these duties, allowing Lovie focus on his Head Coaching duties.

    HC – Lovie needs to spend the offseason working on in-game strategy and decision making. He was at his worst in close games, seeming to miss when to go for it or punt and allow the defense an opportunity to make a stand. He essentially needs to study the decision making progression of his former protégé, Ron Rivera, and progress. Carolina seemed to improve markedly around the time that Rivera’s decision making changed, accepting more risk. I’m not saying this is the only reason, but I think it definitely played a part in the evolution of the Panthers as a team with confidence.

    Sorry for the long post.

    Side Note: The only way I see Lovie getting fired is if another team is intent on hiring Koetter this offseason. In that situation, I think there is a chance the Bucs fire Lovie and promote Koetter in order to insure continuity for Winston to help his growth.

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    Scubog, I usually agree with a lot of your posts but question the one where you wondered about trading McCoy.
    First of all, who do you replace him with who is better. Right now he is our best player on the DL.
    Secondly, this article is questioning the heart of players on the team.
    Do you question the heart of a player who is playing with a torn rotator cuff and a broken hand?
    This team needs to keep Conte, McDonough, Moore and Tandy. Possibly Banks. The problem is with all the players I mentioned, they were all starters.
    Probably backups on a lot of other teams.

    1. 7.1


      Just posing the question drdneast. Don’t get your cape, as defender of all things Buccaneers, in a wad. To get something one must give up something. For the record I think GMC is a great player when healthy and a pretty good one when injured. However, his presence has not resulted in a dynamic defense by any stretch because the rest of the players on his side of the ball, including the list of secondary players you cited are mediocre at best. Plus, I wonder to whom Jameis is referring when he speaks about will to win. What disturbed me, other observers and perhaps you, was the Atlanta game when GMC went out for the OT coin flip. The look on his face was very somber as if defeat was all but assured. I’m just not sure he’s the leader of the defense when a rookie 4th round Draft pick seemingly made strides to overthrow him.

      I’m not saying Licht should actively seek trade offers, but I suspect he’d listen. Would you trade him for the # 1 pick, take Joey Bosa, put McDonald at his spot and Spence at nose?

  8. 8


    Nice thoughtful posts and agree with your coaching and personnel moves except for Verner.
    Unfortunately Mikkal Smith isn’t going anywhere and Verner needs to go. He has gotten fat with his big deal and lacks the zest and passion (heart0 for the game.

  9. 9


    The best thing we could do for GMC is to remove the captain title this offseason, bring in some legit competition(Nick Fairley) for his job and make him go to work and earn snaps like everyone else. He has been gifted his spot in the lineup, rightfully so, but this team needs more competition and I dont think he should be excluded from that equation. Adding a Fairley type player would also decrease the amount of snaps he plays during the game/season and hopefully will result in a fresher, more productive player. I just can’t see a team as devoid of talent as we are on the defensive side of the ball losing arguably our best player on D. We simply can’t afford to lose a player of his caliber even if the most fiery thing about him is that red patch in his hair.

  10. 10


    Alot of good thoughts here. I believe many of us see we have turned the corner and this next season we will finally have more wins than losses. Go Bucs!

    1. 10.1


      Sorry Horse….I see the same thing next year as this year with Lovie’s defense. Mediocre is the norm for this team. I most likely will be in the ground before I see Lovie and Buc’s in the platoffs.

  11. 11


    Isn’t it ironic that Jameis sounds so much more like an experienced HC should than Lovie?

    To keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is foolish. I really hoped the Glazers would recognize the mistake they made with Lovie and remedy the situation but it appears stubborness/reluctance to admit they were wrong again has clouded their judgement.

    It saddens me to think that the team and community will be forced into putting up with a lackluster coach who repeats the same old rhetoric week after week for at least another year.

    I certainly hope that Dirk Koetter remains with us as OC despite the fact that he deserves to be promoted HC.

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