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    You said it all Eric. It’s all about the DL at this point in time. We’ll get this fixed in this coming draft. Go Bucs! Get those Cowboys!

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    I would like to agree with you Horse, but we need more than a DL. We need a bunch of DB’s also.

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    Sterling Moore made our secondary look good, if the d-line plays like they did first half of the Redskins game every game the team will look good all around. Weak performance by that group today. Hopefully we can come back up against the Cowgirls…

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    Clearwater Buc

    I agree with Ronald. Our DL definitely needs help, primarily at DE. But even more dire is our secondary. Our pass coverage tonight was very soft, and it’s been arguably our weakest position for the past how many years now? I’d say ever since we traded away Talib in 2012.

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    Manning was getting the ball away quickly and content to throw short passes to often uncontested receivers. That left our defensive linemen with little time to get to Manning. Also, I don’t recall seeing any safety blitzes, corner blitzes or any LB rushing the passer. Very conservative defense on this day. But I will say, Moore and Barimah fared better than their predecessors. Seems to me that more off-season focus will be on the back end. Anyone recall who we got with that measly 4th round pick we acquired for Talib? And don’t forget, we got nothing for some guy named Revis. As Charlie Brown would say, “good grief.”

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      The 4th round pick we got landed us either Spencer or Gholston. I always forget which because it doesn’t matter, they’re both backups on a lousy defense, thus not being worth Talib. On a side note Scubog, when I pointed out when we met during training camp that Mike Jenkins has the calves and ankles of a safety not a CB thus affecting his agility, his performance this year is what I was afraid of! 😉

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