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Zach is entering his 3rd year covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a writer for PewterReport.com. Since 2014, he's handled a large part of the beat reporting responsibilities at PR, attending all media gatherings and publishing and promoting content daily. Zach is a native of Sarasota, FL, and a graduate of the University of Tampa. He has also covered high school football for the Tampa Tribune and the NFL for Pro Player Insiders. Contact him at: zshapiro12@gmail.com

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    Again, the problem is not with the Offensive Coordinator; the problem is the Defensive Coordinator who should be fired.

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    I’m not a hater, but both CD’s should be gone. Don’t care who comes as DC, keep the OC & get on with it….

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    but both DC’s should be gone…. corrected!!!

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    Correction PR, NFL stats has Winston with 13 INT’s.
    I’m for firing the DC and keeping the head coach. LOL.

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    I hope the Bucs don’t fire anyone. Hasn’t everyone learned this lesson. Stick with the coaches. Look at the teams that have succeeded. They keep their coaches through thick and thin.

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    I think Lovie needs one more year to get the guys he needs to play his style of football. It doesn’t happen in just 2 years. That first year the roster was still full of Shiano’s players. This year Lovie got some of his style of players, but I’m sure not the ones he really wanted, and there was an improvement. If there isn’t a greater improvement next year, then I think people would be justified in calling for his job. But any coach needs at least 3 years. The first two years your still dealing with a lot of turnovers, and leftovers from the previous regime. The third year should tell the tale.

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    I want to add, we also need to look at the fact that in reality only the offense has got any real attention for improvement. Which was a dire need, and the improvement worked. Now we need to see what Lovie can do with the defense. It’s been nothing but patchwork the first two years and anyone who knows football knows that really never works unless your already a top notch defense and just missing a piece or two. Which we wern’t and still are not there.

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