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    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 57m57 minutes ago
    #Bengals OT Andre Smith has a tear in the tricep/bicep area, source said. He needs surgery next week and his season is over.

    Somebody call Jason Licht to get on the phone and make the Bengals a deal they can’t refuse to return OT Anthony Collins. Hurry!

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    As far as I’m concerned we should get rid of the entire lot. Jason Licht hoped he could take other team’s cast-offs, a couple of late round draft picks and Dotson to form a credible unit. That experiment failed miserably. First, Licht, his scouts and the coaching staff need to determine exactly what they want in an O-line prospect. With this receiving corps we could seek out pass blockers. But with no QB that idea seems questionable. They could look for massive road graders to improve the running game in an effort to hide the weak QB situation. But with a stable of running backs that so far has been unimpressive we might be as stuck in quicksand as they are. I say, we draft or acquire some wide-bodied power blockers for the inside and athletic pass protectors on the outside.

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      Scubog I agree with you that we need to replace the entire O-line. I agree with you to a certain extent about the type of O-linemen we should get. However, I want wide-bodied power blockers from tackle to tackle. If we want athletic OT’s we can just keep Dotson at RT. He’s very athletic, but he doesn’t have the calves or ankles for power run blocking. The Bucs haven’t had a good run blocking O-lineman since Dan Buenning was healthy (remember him?). I don’t like zone run blocking, lightweight O-linemen who can’t help you punch it in in short yardage situations. I want to be able to run the ball against any team in the NFL, like the 49ers, Seahawks or Steelers. You do indeed give up some pass protection with O-lines like that, but with an elusive QB with good pocket presence like Mariota (or possibly Winston) we can get away with that.

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        NOW YOU GUYS ARE TALKING MY LANGUAGE! But I do think that our QBs and RBs will perform much better with a good oline.
        For those who want us to draft a QB this year, are you really sold on the top 2 prospects? One is going to need a lot of work to get to the nfl level and the other may not be able to stay out of jail.

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    I would also add that I am tired of the stupid penalties and mental lapses. One week it’s ASJ. The next week it’s Evans. Every week it’s at least 2 or 3 of the O-line. Every game, jeez.

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    I’m a long time bucs watcher and for as long as I can remember there has always been an issue with the O-Line. This year we revamped because the last group of guys didn’t perform. And here we are again . . . Wondering this – Do other teams have the same challenges with getting a line to ‘Gel’ if so how long does it take? Is it a talent thing or a ‘the offense is new’ thing? If PR is correct and we will go with another OC in the offseason – should we expect next year to be similar to this one since the O-Line will have another system to learn? Unfortunatly Coach speak does not answer any of these questions so wondering what PR thinks?

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