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    Turnovers help. So does a pass rush…..agree with Koetter quit turning ball over would help them too!

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    We need Ayers back. We cannot lose two starting DE’s after two games and expect to have a good pass rush.

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    The turnovers will start to come our way. They tend to even out over the course of a season. Jameis was a bit streaky in that area last year. After that dreadful opening game against the Titans, # 3 bounced back with a great game against the Saints. What this team and we fans need is to put a butt spanking on the Rams by scoring of of turnovers.

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    I see it as just one game and it was against a very good team that beat us that day. I like the way Winston keep trying to win. Many QBs would make sure they did not hurt their record in a lost game…not take chances. Five interceptions or none the results are the same if you lose.

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    Morgan R

    Winston was really terrible, I’m actually surprised how off his throws were. A lot of inaccurate throws and some poor decisions I was very surprised because I know he’s much better than he shows sometimes, but I know he’ll learn from his mistakes, somehow. Nevertheless, I’m super worried about how the offense will fare without Dougie, and considering we’re going up against 2 great defenses and another good one in the Rams, I am just hoping beyond hope that we make it to the bye week at 2-3… It’s not gonna be easy.

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