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    If he had that mentality all the time maybe, just maybe he would put to double digits. Playing DT is definitely a mentality and you have to be mean, straight up. I’m talking about on the field but if it carries over in the locker room that’s ok too.

  2. 2


    Don’t buy it

  3. 3


    good, he talks too much and clowns too much.

    focus and get after the quarterback, gerald.

  4. 4


    It’s about TIME!! Maybe he’s concerned about getting some real competition from Sheldon Rankins?
    Whatever it is, he needs to focus on eating up running backs and quarterbacks this season. He does that, and I don’t care if he ever speaks again.

  5. 5


    How did he and the rest of the players look in practice? That’s what I want to read about.

    1. 5.1


      Pink- Their in shorts in non contact drills, everyone looked fantastic happy now?

  6. 6


    McCoy doesn’t want to talk about mini camp, keep moving nothing to see here please keep moving

  7. 7

    Deacon Blues

    He probably doesn’t like the new scheme and his role. Now he’s going to pout..

  8. 8


    Zach, be careful; the last time Scott said something that McCoy said he had to apologize on this Site. What the heck do you expect Gerald to say? Most the guys they talked to are trying to make the team and will give more hype to their answer. Even Jameis was more low keyed and he did the longest interview by far. Leave Gerald alone.

  9. 9


    Oh well, at least McCoy is showing up to learn and practice. Just look at Miami and Suh. Suh is a me-first athlete that his teammates hate that. McCoy was probably just having a bad day.

  10. 10


    Could care less if he talks or not. I’d prefer not to hear him as he annoys me. Never seems serious, or aggressive. Just hope he can actually play full 16 games his year. That’s all I care about with McCoy.

  11. 11


    He was just trying to channel his inner Sapp.

  12. 12


    In my opinion Gerald McCoy is still one of the best tackles in the NFL. He gets too much criticism in my opinion. Most of the time he is double teamed and still puts out tremendous effort to support the middle. He never gets enough credit for his performance. You can’t be Mr. Personality all the time. None of us can. Lighten up and let his football performance speak for him. Stay strong Mr. McCoy. I for one really appreciate you.

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