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    Well, with the highly influential and charismatic Lovie Smith going to work on keeping Mankins in the fold, I expect to hear about his retirement plans next week.

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      Haha thank you for the laugh Chefo!

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    Let him go unless he takes a pay cut. He’s way over valued at this point in his career. He’ll continue to get slower in his injury recovery time.

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    at $7 million, it seems like a no brainer be away from the family for 6 months and go for one more year. next year, when he will be out of contract and lucky to get a third of that, it will be a no-brainer to pack it in and enjoy your post-football life

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    His veteran experience and influence on Jameis is much needed for next season. Year 2 is crucial for Winston’s maturation & avoiding the “sophomore slump.” I’d like him to take a slight pay cut, but we have the cap space. Him and VJax have both earned their money.

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    I agree with you Pick6 except for the part where Makings will make even close to one third of the 7 mill he will make next year.
    I don’t know what Makins major is, but since he has been playing in the NFL for the last dozen years, it is doubtful anyone is going to give him $2 mill for a training position.
    I love it when the Lovie haters try to spew their venom at the coach by besmirching his calm cool manner.
    Guya, the days of Knute Rockne, Rudy and Vince Lombardi are way over. Try watching “North Dallas Forty” or oliver Stone’s “Any Given Sunday.”
    Lovie is well respected by his past, present and current players. It must kill you to know that.

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    Agreed on the demeanor of Lovie,drdneast- only winning will help to change many of those opinions, though

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