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    Niners fans think Roman is an utter disaster. Completely lacking in imagination, terrible in the passing game. The scary thing is that that fits well with Lovie’s vision of offense.

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    God forbid the Bucs actually end up with an OC with an imagination for the first time in franchise history. Chudzinski would be my first choice of the listed options.

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    Rankings are based on yards which is going to favor teams that focus on the passing game either by choice or necessity. Points scored, Red Zone efficiency, 3rd down conversions and time of possession are more telling in my opinion. Being able to take advantage of match-ups that are favorable, not telegraphing plays, using all offensive weapons and not being so predictable are more important to me than some once a game razzle-dazzle play. In the end, it’s the players not the play. It doesn’t matter if a great screen pass is called when the ball bounces of the receiver’s hands or the QB has a defender in his face. Get better players and good plays just might follow no matter who is devising them. But let’s at least get one who has a clue. Pinkstob is right about our history of OC misfortune.

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    No to Roman. Dirk, ehh, he knows our division. Keep looking. I’d be interested in talking to Seahawks Q.B. coach. Mariota, should he be the pick is similar to Wilson,the Hawks have some nice design runs for him. They also use his mobility on roll outs, and boot legs, something we did zero of this year. It’s also a run heavy offense that should appeal to Lovie. Let the search go on. One thing I don’t understand. Why haven’t Warhop, and Arroyo not been givin their walking papers?

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      I agree with Warhop, he failed at the job he was supposed to do. I have more mixed feelings about Arroyo. I feel sorry for him. Granted he was a horrible OC, but he was hired as a QB Coach. I have no idea how good he would have done that job and I hate to penalize him for being a team player and stepping up and taking on the challenge. Besides, with the sub-par players on the OLINE destroying everyone’s game plan, I don’t think the best OC in the league could have gotten anything out of our offense. I would give him a year at his real position — but the new OC may think differently and bring in his own guy.

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    By the way, I read they’re getting excited in Philly that now Chip has total control of personel, he’ll be trading for Mariota. Sorry Philly. F you Chip Kelly who spurned us. This #1 pick is ours. Screw this talk of picking at friggin 20, and getting more Shi??ty picks. You guys crazy? With the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft the Tampa Bay Bucs select!!!

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      Im with you Surfdudes unless we get some kind of ridiculous RG3 offer. Washington gave up 3 1st round picks and a 2nd to move up 4 spots to get RG3. If we can get Phillys 1st round pick for the 3 years and thier 2nd for 2, it would be worth it. We can always use a couple of those picks to move back up into the top 10 and still have multiple firsts for a couple years. I really like the OG from Iowa Brandon sherff. He is a mean beast on the Oline and would make a great addition. He should be avaliable around 6-7 overall pick. I just dont think either QB is worthy of the #1 pick.

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    Just ask Mariota who he wants

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    The sooner Tampa gets a OC the quicker the team can get down to business and get ready for the 2015 draft.

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