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    This worries me greatly. I am all for Lovie getting another year, but if I’m licht and the glazers, I’m looking at the bigger picture. Promote koetter and keep the offensive cohesion, thats way more important than keeping Lovie and his passive defensive staff.
    Why give Lovie another draft to get his guys so we can just fire him the next year?
    Ofcourse that said it hinges on if koetter is getting interest , which I would be shocked if he isn’t.

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    I’ve scrubbed the Internet and Googled all the NFL rumors, NFL coaching trackers, and have not seen Koetter’s name mentioned anywhere. Now it’s possible that some teams that didn’t get their target coach, could call Koetter for an interview. But he’s not in the first wave. If anybody has come across something besides surferdudes (just kidding), please provide a link.

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      Yeah i haven’t seen any myself, but his ability to work with QB’s is pretty damn good. I mean look at what happened to Matt Ryan this year. But hey I hope Koetter doesn’t get any look myself.

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      That came up immediately right when I Googled Koetter’s name. Things change real fast but I trust these guys

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    Koetter’s not ready to be a Head Coach; he would fall flat on his face.

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      Will Lovie ever be ready?

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    I don’t believe Koetter is going anywhere. Winston has more upside than any quarterback on a team looking for a new head coach.Giants with Manning his 30’s. 49ers with Gabbert and Kaepernick. Browns and that circus. Dolphins with Tannehill. Eagles and the often injured Bradford. Even Detroit with Stafford and the Saints with Brees. I just don’t see it being a better situation than here. Plus, he gets Winston in his first off season. Go Bucs! The future is bright with this kid.

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      A coach will not pass up a good HC opportunity because of Winston….and if you are the Browns, you can probably draft the best QB in the draft to build upon.

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    I’ve been looking for a couple of weeks myself macabee and I have yet to see his name show up.
    Not sure what his records were in oollege as a head coach.

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    Just looked up his college coaching record. Did well at Boise St but just a little over .500 at Arizona St.
    He did pretty well in the marriage department is his wife’s name is Kim as far as looks as concerned.
    She definitely has an NFL face. Great looking blond.

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    Update: Just saw NFL Network Total Access and Albert Breer did include Koetter as a possible candidate for a HC position. So we’ll see what happens.

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      Yeah….lose the only coach we have that isn’t better suited for a seat on the living room couch than on the field….only in the world of my beloved Bucs.

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    if 10 teams have openings, 30+ candidates’ names will emerge. it will be a while before the dust settles and hopefully the Glazers get a chance to up the ante if he ultimately is offered one of the jobs. Being a first time NFL HC this late in his career, he probably can’t command much more than he would make as one of the league’s top paid assistants, and he has a fraction of the headaches as a coordinator

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