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Zach is entering his 3rd year covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a writer for PewterReport.com. Since 2014, he's handled a large part of the beat reporting responsibilities at PR, attending all media gatherings and publishing and promoting content daily. Zach is a native of Sarasota, FL, and a graduate of the University of Tampa. He has also covered high school football for the Tampa Tribune and the NFL for Pro Player Insiders. Contact him at: zshapiro12@gmail.com

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    No reason why we can’t beat this team. We have to put pressure on Ryan and blitz! On offense lets play short passes; James will help on this too. Time to find out what we got as a team. Gut check Bucs!

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    Regardless of the multitude of mistakes and poor play, much of which occurred in OT; if not for this senseless penalty the Bucs would have escaped with a win and Scubog would have been much happier leaving the stadium hearing Tampa……………Bay as opposed to Rai…………..ders. Some might want to give it an asterisk but it would still be a W.

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      We don’t really know that, Scubog. It is quite possible, if not probable, that we’d have quickly turned the ball over or gone three and out then had the punt blocked, or committed horrendous penalties on offense. There’s no end of ways to eff up a game. And our Bucs found most of them on Sunday. Despite playing at home, against a poor defense, and playing a team that set the all time record for penalties … and still gave up 626 yards of offense to them, and managed to gain a measly 270 yards of offense against them.

      The yardage differential set the all time record for the Bucs, in case you didn’t know. In a blind test, if you asked any thousand NFL fans what was the probability of your team winning a game when you give up 356 more yards to the other team than you gained, then at least 999 out of those thousand would say, “pretty damned close to zero”.

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        I don’t need a recap Naples, I sat through it. I can assure you the Raiders fans thought they were going to lose until the flag came out. There was only 1:38 when the penalty occurred. Bucs would have had the ball and been able to kill all but about maybe 30 seconds and punt it away. As well as Anger punts the ball Oakland might have gotten the ball on their own 40 needing a TD with no times out. I like our chances even though I’ve been through similar situations that went array.

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      Morgan R

      I can think of at least one reason, that reason being how bad the Bucs defense is sucking right now.

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    Our blitzes actually provided some positive plays. And we sometimes got pressure but not once did I see pressure when we just rushed 4. Pathetic we didn’t blitz more

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    My thoughts exactly! There certainly were lost opportunities but that one penalty really gave them new life which they capitalized on (unlike us). There’s plenty of naysayers on this, and certainly it does not do much to bemoan what might have been, but with <2min. I think we could have pulled it off. If not mistaken, I believe Raiders had 2 timeouts left. And the D was able to stop them enough to make a 50 yd attempt, which was missed. Game over. Bucs win… That one penalty lost us the game.

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