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    I thought it was incorrecte we would receive a 3rd round pick as compensation. Trade the guy and lets try to get a 3rd or 4th rounder for him. This is nuts not to have already traded him during last season.

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      “The Bucs can also take comfort in knowing that if Glennon remains on the team next season and leaves as a free agent in 2017, they would receive a compensatory mid-round pick in next year’s draft.”

      Check out the rules: we would get compensatory picks only if we have more free agents leave than we sign and the round of the picks depend on the compensation our departed FAs receiver with their new teams.

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        Thus, Horse is right – trade him now to ensure we get value for him.



          Normally, I agree with what the two of you ordinarily post. But, I have to respectively disagree with you guys here. Mr. Licht is now negotiating. He is gaining leverage and coming in with a high offer. That way, the results of the negotiations is really what he wants. if he doesn’t get what he wants, then he has a capable back up in case Jameis gets hurt and misses time. Look at what happened to Dallas when Romo went down. Look at what happened to Arizona when Palmer went down. Go Bucs!!!!



            I would like to ad that we all have seen Jameis do everything he can to win a game. That includes putting his body in harms way. I know I get nervous when a defender has a clean shot on him. Mr. Licht has seen this, also. So having a capable back up QB is wise. Go Bucs!!!

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      The guy is an early third round pick that has exceeded the avg expectations and avg performance of a QB picked here. He brings a middle to high second from a team in need all day long !! Period ,end of that story!! Second the bucs are willing to pay Glennon 6.5 next year and 7.5 the year after because that makes him even more attractive to teams, whom ever the reporter was this week questioning this was , lets just say , having an off day!! Third the bucs only get an early fourth ( third) next year if they don’t sign free agents of substance as compared to f a losses, so NO the bucs will likely not receive a comp pick for Glennon( another bunch of clowns with out a clue)Fourth The bucs will trade Glennon as you have a coach and GM trying to make their initial career marks and they want that player on the field helping every week. Glennon may be more valuable than any second round pick this year or last year when called upon but the allure of the draft pick is too much for a young front office. I presume you will see the Glennon pick turned into a first rounder in some way shape or form as the fifth year contract is too good a deal for the clubs ( Doug Martin) ;as ole Jason just experienced by shitting all over himself and costing his club about 3.5 in cap room . Ole Jason just got a lesson he will never forget and he’s going to try and make up for it as he had never dealt with a similar situation .He guessed , as he had no experience in a similar matter and tossed the option to the side and it came back as a shit sandwich and he chewed and swallowed , but he learned . The Broncos and the Jets will give a 2 but the Broncs can swap our second for their first and give us a 4 this year and a 4 th next year. I do believe the bucs would swap positions for a 4 and a six this year or a third this year. Trade em and sign fitz p. Best of luck M Glennon your numbers are A Plus !!!

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    I am not going to refer back or link to SR’s Fab 5: Bucs Won’t Trade Glennon; VJax Will Return In 2016 of January 29 regarding the same subject or call into question the absolute certainty of the last paragraph in this article.

    All I’m going to say about this article is that whatever the Bucs decide with Mike Glennon, I hope is in the best interest of the Bucs. And that PR maintains the high level of integrity in truth and reporting we have all come to know and love them for. Go Bucs!

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    Trade down if at all possible from 9, and trade Glennon for a stacked draft for TB. IF this team is going to build through the draft this will certainly help build them faster. In Licht we trust, GO BUCS!!

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      Agree completely. I’ve been on that train of thought for some time now. With a trade down and a Glennon trade. We could have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds! That’s assuming you get a second rounder when you trade back in the first and a 3rd for Glennon.

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    Mike Glennon has been a valuable backup.I looked at the sistutation. I believe that Cleveland does need a veteran QB. He can start right now and the Qb that Clev gets in Rd-1 can be a valuable understudy to learn from Glennon. I believe Tampa can help Cleveland get their act together. A high pick for Mike can help Tampa. Regardless of what happens. I believe If Glennon trade to clev can help Tampa get Ramsley that would be a great pickup. Go Bucs

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      So, in your 1st statement you say Glennon would be a great teacher to the QB they get with their #1 pick. But, then you say that Cleveland can then Trade the BUCS Ramsey???

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    If Cleveland picks Ramsey with their pick and Trades with Tampa .Clev gets Tampa no#9 pick gets a qb with Tampa pick. Cleveland sends Ramsey to Tampa and Tampa gives up a no#2 in 2017 plus Tampa gives a #6 pick to Cleveland. I believe that would be a stunner. Draft pick are only picks. Then Tampa couldgo after back to back defense linemen.

    1. 5.1


      dreams..oh dreams

    2. 5.2


      Too much for Ramsey!

      Glennon + #9 + 6th rounder + 2017-#2 ?…..

      1. 5.2.1

        SO CAL BUC FAN

        At worst we should get a #rd rounder as that is what Glennon was! But, since he’s shown the ability to play in the NFL he”s worth at least a 2nd rounder!

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    georgehicks, you are presuming Cleveland wants Glennon yet I haven’t ready anywhere that they do.
    Are you privy to some sort of intel that isn’t available to the rest of us.

    1. 6.1


      Wild speculation drd. That’s what off season is all about. I still think people on this site view Glennon with rose colored glasses.

    2. 6.2


      It’s called an OPINION moron.

      1. 6.2.1


        And that’s all you have to offer. Sad!

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    Glennon is no where a replacement for Winston if he is injured. Glennon isn’t mobile, can’t run, lacks ability in throwing the swing pass, throwing on the run, and a looped pass to the corners. He is good at throwing straight deep down the middle. I wouldn’t put much real value on Glennon; maybe a 4th this draft and a 5th next year draft would sound logical. I would continue to develop Griffin as the back up QB; he fits more to winston’s style.

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    If a team doesn’t offer at least a 2nd round pick I say keep him. A backup QB that actually win games if needed is a serious value that should not be discounted

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    They could very well trade back a few spots, give up Glennon for the team trading up, and acquire an early 2nd round pick, from said team, then trade back into the first round, with their 2nd round pick to get the DE they want.

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