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Mark Cook currently is the director of editorial content and Bucs beat writer and has written for PewterReport.com since 2011. Cook has followed the Buccaneers since 1977 when he first began watching football with his Dad and is fond of the 1979 Bucs team that came within 10 points of going to a Super Bowl. His favorite Bucs game is still the 1979 divisional playoff win 24-17 over the Eagles. In his spare time Cook enjoys playing guitar, fishing, surfing and family time at the beach. In addition, Cook can be found in front of a television or in Doak Campbell any time the FSU Seminoles are playing. Cook is a native of Pinecrest in Eastern Hillsborough County and has written for numerous publications including the Tampa Tribune, In the Field and Ya'll Magazine. Cook can be reached at mark@pewterreport.com

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    I think Glennon said it best when he said ” their personalities are very different” yes, and that’s been your problem while Winston is a fiery leader with moxy and the willingness to take hits and sacrifice his body, Glennon is the opposite of what I just said about Winston. Glennon with his “Bambi” like demeanor and buckles under one pass rusher in the back field while in the pocket so until he corrects this problem he will never succeed in the NFL.

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    Jon I have said all along Glennon is a better than ever average back up, but nothing more. He can’t fix it either because he just lacks the footwork, speed, and athleticism to move around. He also is not very fiery like you said. I really don’t understand this narrative of we will certainly lose him in free agency? Nobody has shown any real interest in taking him as a starter. If he’s not a starter then why the hell cant the Bucs keep him as a backup? You really think someone is going to pony up so much in free agency that Bucs wouldn’t be able or willing to to match? I don’t.

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    Maybe there is a team that isn’t looking for a starter, but a solid backup and willing to pay for him.

    Why wouldn’t the Bucs do the same? Depends on the offer and whether they think they have another solid backup that won’t be leaving in free agency. Rumors, rumors, rumors!


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    Thanks for the interesting read macabee, you always seem to provide insightful articles and stories to your posts.
    In contrast, other readers just post biased opinions which aren’t based on anything other than their prejudicial eyesight.
    Such is the case with jongruden and fredster.
    I don’t know if Glennon will ever succeed as a starter in the NFL since he only has one full season of games under his belt.
    I know I have seen Glennon dodge more than one rusher without “buckling” and his footwork in the pocket is fine. He wasn’t drafted to be an RG III.
    I do agree he needs to be more fiery and be a more commanding leader. By the same token, Glennon was right when he said Winston needs to stay more composed in game situations and not let his emotions take control of him.
    The game against the Rams was an example of this.
    As for no one wanting him, the only thing we knew is no one wanted his for a No. 2 pick which was apparently the asking price.
    It was noted in the article that the Cowboys “allegedly” have a standing offer out on Glennon.

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      Drdneast – when you agree with some one then he knows everything and when you don’t agree with that person than he is an idiot. How nice it is to always be right.

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        Here are the facts Glennon was our starter and we saw enough to know he is not our future so we drafted Winston, other fact while this was not a deep draft for qb’s we didn’t even get a 4th rounder for a qb in his last yr of his contract so obviously Fredster knows what the Bucs know and the rest of the NFL Knows

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    Glennon has had to deal with few weapons, poor protection, and a constant turnover of schemes and coaching. He’s handled it as well as could be expected. I hope he stays with the Bucs, it wish him well if he doesn’t.

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    I believe that when a suitable offer is made from a QB depleted team if Licht is convinced that Ryan Griffin is adequate, a trade will be made. If not, no big whoop.

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    Well said 1sparkybuc Well said.

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    I don’t think you are an idiot jongruden but I do believe you exaggerate to the extreme and are also prejudiced against certain players no matter how well they do their assigned jobs.
    I wish I was always right but I know I have stated I was wrong on a couple of occasions out here.
    Still, I’m sorry if you feel like an idiot, perhaps the name of a good therapist in the metropolitan Phoenix area who specializes in self esteem rebuilding would be of help.
    Let me know if I can assist in directing you to one.

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    “Exaggerate”? like when I said “Stocker sucks because he has less than 100 receiving in two yrs”? Yes, I guess I can see why you think that ha paleeeze

  10. 10


    So, why wouldn’t the Bucs pull the trigger on a potential trade with Dallas before letting him go in FA next spring? …and, if he does go and he ends up starting somewhere else, how is the compensation picked determined? Is it the size of the contract? Could it be a third rounder next year?

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