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    Great Win at Ray Jay with dynamic Offense and turnover Defense and at last Winston started strong. Warren made a big difference at Center and needs to be a starter. Johnson finally came on on defense and we saw some great legal hits out of our first acquisition off the waiver wire at Safety and shows he is starter material. Our Tackle play was still lacking in pass Defense but our running game was great. Hope our Pamphile can help us there when he comes back. The real disappointment to me was number 80’s needless penalties and a bad drop. Marpet looked like our best O Lineman!
    Team WIN though and fun to watch.

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    With the Bucs dominating the opponent like we have not seen in a while, I was left pondering the question “Who Dey?” The Ohioans in attendance were as disinterested as their team seemed to be.

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    My biggest concern was the Defense before the game and I have to say I was very impressed how they looked last night. Plenty of pressure against Bengals Qbs, Secondary looked very good. This may end up being a good year to be a Buc’s fan.

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    Watched every minute of it. The best preseason game yet! Wonder why? Improvement in all phases of the game… well almost – special teams KR/PR needs work.

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    Preseason game or not, vanilla offense and defense or not, the Bucs looked fantastic out there last night and improved in all three phases. Let’s hope it carries over into the regular season. Go Bucs!

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    I enjoyed this game very much. This is the team I have been waiting for (except for the penalties).

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    Loved what we saw from Winston. This offense is capable of overcoming major penalties and making first downs…that hasn’t been the case since…I don’t know…forever. Yep, I know it’s just preseason, but…

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    The only negatives I saw last night were the penalties and Winston’s injury. If what Lovie is saying is true, Winston’s injury was minor though. Either way, Glennon showed that he is more than capable of taking over the offense.

    Our defense looked great and produced the kind of turnovers Lovie defenses are supposed to. And let’s not forget Martin looking like his rookie self. It’s gonna be a good year! Go Bucs!

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    Preseason, don’t get too low, don’t get too high, but good result and lot’s of better play. They have to fix the OL penalties though.

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      Agreed- don’t get too high, but that was a needed victory for all you guys that are at the games week in& week out. Good team effort, aside from the penalties…
      Gruden really went out on a limb coming up w/ “Thunder and Lightning” for the Bengals RB’s, didn’t he?

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