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    Michael WestDominguez

    Depleted ground attack? Maybe even a 2nd string QB. I want to get off of this though because our D-line is also very depleted, our secondary is playing sub-par thus far and our linebackers (David/Alexander) can’t be everywhere. For those who say the Panthers secondary is terrible. Yes, they have been playing sub-par. However, all this will mean nothing to our offense if Winston is still not getting enough time to throw the football. If there was a great opportunity to get back on track, it would be this Monday night in Carolina, on national TV and facing perhaps a team that’s just as banged up as we are and missing one of the best players in the league in Cam Newton. My heart tells me we could win this but my gut says we will find another way to come out flat and find a way to lose.

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    Agree we are depleted and our secondary has sucked. As far as Winston getting time he’s had time and he has made poor decisions and sucked. Both the int’S against Broncos were when they were not blitzing and he had time. Yes we have injuries and bad luck this year, but I’m Tired of hearing excuses for Winston he has been just as sub par as the rest of this crappy team so far!

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    Yeah, the Buccaneers need to worry about their OWN depleted and indeed DELETED offense, defense and special teams before they worry about the Panther’s injuries.

    This game is not about the Panthers but about how the BUCCANEERS go about playing on Sunday. Do they go out and play to win, get the team a big W before the bye or is it going to be more of the same loser mentality we’ve seen since the game in Atlanta?

    We shall see.

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