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    Well, it’s good to know we have a QB and WR who are willing to hold themselves accountable.

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      Clearwater Buc

      I agree. I’ve been an FSU fan for years and from watching him his 2 years as the starter, I knew whichever team drafted him was getting a great team leader.

      The only thing that raised my eyebrows was when Evans said, “The offense played great.” Really? They played decently- nowhere close to “great”.

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    This was by far the most frustrating game so far this year. Watching Evans drop those passes made me want to throw the remote at my tv! We all know he’s much better than his performance showed. Hopefully he shook off the rust for next week against Carolina. Go Bucs!

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    This game was not lost by any one player. It was a team loss. A team that was unprepared,undisciplined and unmotivated. The o-line finally started to jell a bit and the whole rest of the team threw in the towel. This is another 2-14 season at best. The one common denominator for this mess is Lovie/ Licht. Very embarrassed to be a Buc fan these days.

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      Tell us how you really feel about it. Football is an exciting, great sport to watch and be a fan of. No need for this nonsense “my life sucks” attitude. Stand behind your team, or get out. Either way, just stop being a Debbie downer

      1. 3.1.1

        Uncle Stan

        What did he say thatw asn’t true?

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    Yes, Mike Evans and Jameis Winston hold themselves accountable as they should. Mike did have far too many drops for the seventh pick in the 2014 draft.
    But has St. Lovie held himself accountable? We KNOW he insists and has since he got here there is “Nothing we can’t fix.” But HAS HE?

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    Here Iam Tampabay George-A no#1 buc fan in east texas from Day One. Down the road Everyone will forget this missing on a few catches espically if Evans and Jackson and Murphy catches clutches passes with wins over Panthers,Cowboys and the Giants and the Eagles. I say why not. Go Tampa Bay Bucs in 2015.

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