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    Anyone seen Clinton McDonald? This guy seems to be invisible to me. There should now be enough film on this Trevor Siemien kid. How does an afterthought 7th round 2015 draft pick, who did little to dissuade Elway from drafting Paxton Lynch in the 1st round this year, have so much early success? Because he is able to play with little internal pressure thanks to his stellar defense and little external pressure thanks to a game plan designed to keep him from screwing it up. Maybe if #98 shows up and gets in Trevor’s face, the youngster will have a few less than shining moments.

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    Trever’s success is do in large part to that young talented line. A lot like us in that respect. I don’t see our guys getting there with four. Time to dial up some blitz’s the young Q.B. hasn’t seen yet, us either. At some point we can’t blame coaches, and scheme for our poor D line play, Cullen, and now Hayes are regarded as to of the best. It’s up to our players to get the job done.

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      Agree, if we go about our same defensive plan we will lose and it will probably be embarrassing. I’m going out on a limb here, but I believe i have seen enough that we don’t have the players to make whatever M. Smith is trying to accomplish. Picking up older free agents and not drafting enough DE’s is a big concern for me.

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    What McCoy is saying is the defense isn’t disciplined. Big surprise. That’s been a problem around here for years and we keep blaming the coaches.
    I’m really not sure picking up over the hill FA’s is the answer Horse unless it is someone like Dwight Freeney, who is of course with Atlanta. Now signing him would have made sense, especially now and he wasn’t expensive, either.
    Although the front four haven’t been putting enough pressure on the QB, I’m not sure blitzing is going to correct the problem if players aren’t hitting the right gaps. It could just make it worse.
    The biggest problem so far has been the CB’s not knowing what coverages they are in. You would think better communication would solve that unless they don’t understand the coverages themselves.
    I don’t think any of those guys hang out at the local MENSA chapter.

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