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    “For me it’s 100 percent or nothing and if you’re not 100 percent then you’re terrible. You’re either first or your last…”
    LOVE IT!!!!!!

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    Read on other blog that Ayers had a fantastic season last year in respect to QB hurries and TFL. The only time I ever watch the Giants is when the Bucs play them, so haven’t seen it myself. But I’m getting to be very optimistic about our team.

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    Well we got hyped up over DE Johnson signing last year and what did we get……
    I’ll wait till the pads are on and a few preseason games before I get overly excited.
    If we stay healthy I feel we can be much better on defense but will wait and see with mild enthusiasum.

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    At 31, he is a short term answer at the position only has few good yrs left 4 if were lucky.

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    I agree jongruden but there is no reason he still doesn’t have a little gas left in the tank.
    Look at Dwight Feeney and how well he hs played the last few years and I think he is like 36.
    Of course I understand Feeney is playing hungry because he lacks a Super Bowl on his resume and he was also swindled out of millions of dollars by a suit and tie.
    It does seem like we are hearing a few more defensive voices out here in the last couple of months other than McCoy’s which I think is good.
    Was listening to Phillip Rivers on NFL Sirrus the other day state he firmly believes the only differene between and 4-10 team and a 12-4 team is 3 or 4 plays a game.
    Actually, I couldn’t agree with him more.
    The trick to it though is to find those key players, those playmakers, who are going to make those three or four plays a week.

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      I see what your trying to say but comparing a future hall of famer like Freeney to Ayers is apples and oranges and here’s why last yr Freeneys numbers were 8 sacks in 11 games and only played in pass rush 3rd down plays not the double digit sacks he is use to getting so in comparison his numbers dropped significantly. Ayers best yr was last yr when he had 9 sacks and that’s his best yr of his career so to expect he can play beyond another 4 yrs and have any success would be well wishful thinking. Look at our own Simeon Rice who was done at 34

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    The talent has been upgraded and I think the coaching and scheme will be leaps and bounds better than last couple years. The success of this D line will really depend on injuries and how quickly, Or even if N. spence becomes the pass rusher he appears to have the ability to become. If McCoy, McDonald,Ayers, and Smith all stay healthy and N. Spence can contribute this year it could be a very good D line immediately. If we get couple key injuries and Spence takes couple years to shine could be as bad as last year or worse. I’m optimistic though heading into his season. I see us possibly having a much improved pass rush and defense overall.

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    The core group of players responsible for the 38 sacks that ranked 14th in the NFL will all be returning this season.
    The Bucs managed those numbers without Clinton McDoanld, Jacques Smith and Akeem Smith who all missed a combined number of close to 30 games. Gerald McCoy played most of the season with a torn rotator cuff and a broken hand.
    With the addition of Robert Ayers and Noah Spence, the Bucs look poised to achieve more than 40 sacks this season if everyone can stay healthy.
    Can someone see 50 sacks from this group if everyone stays healthy?
    Where have you gone George Johnson?

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    I love his attitude! If his performance can match, I think we’ll be in good shape. He should be a good stop-gap player while Spence adjusts to the NFL. Hoping Spence comes into his own quickly but I’d prefer to ease him into it if possible

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