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    “Most definitely,” Smith said following Saturday afternoon’s rookie minicamp practice at One Buccaneer Place. “I still feel like I’m doubted, still feel like people don’t know what I can do, so I’m just here to prove it.”

    As this was an answer to a question directed to him I’ll not begrudge the guy for his response. But isn’t this the standard answer from any player NOT drafted in the first or second round? It’s almost automatic. “I’m here to prove that every team (including the one that eventually drafted me, by the way) made a mistake in not drafting me sooner.” Don’t get me wrong. I’d rather hear him say it than not. It’s a positive motivation. But we get it. They’re all out to prove themselves. I like to hear about unique background info and to hear player’s stories. I like to cheer for players that I care about. I’m sure it’s true but this isn’t unique to Ryan Smith.

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      Like Koetter said, to early to get excited. Preseason will start showing what we have not padless practices.

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    Twistedwires, maybe you should take the guy out to dinner and try to get him to spill his guts like Oprah.

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    If he plays good special teams and or punt/kick returns Then this was solid pick. I doubt he starts this year. Will see…..

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    Actually, fredster, I think this kid has a real good chance to start. If he transitions well and learns the defense quickly, he definitely has better measurables than any of our existing safeties. He is a very good tackler and has some real speed. I am really pulling for the guy. Necer really liked Conte, although he played pretty well last year. I also really like the un-drafted safety, E. Shumate. He really has some talent too. I was actually hoping we would draft him in the 6th round, but we got him as a free agent! He really has some potential too. If our current guys falter, I could actually see both Smith and Shumate emerge as the eventual starters.

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