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    I hope Luke Stocker (250 yds) in 4 yrs is on this list, don’t want to hear “he’s a good blocker crap, as a TE you have to be semi productive in the passing game. Also add Mike Jenkins, William Gholdston, Chris Conti, and last but not least k Edwards, who is even worse than O’Neil Cousins as hard as that is to beat.

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      Agree on Conte and Edwards,JG, but Gholston has played pretty well, and Stocker will be in there to help protect our #1 pick. Who’s gonna beat out Jenkins?

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    Sorry jongruden, but Luke Stocker isn’t going anywhere and he is a good blocker. The Bucs don’t have enough of those to throw away someone who actually knows how to block.
    Just saw Jenkins get beat badly once this preseason and that was when the safety was supposed to give him over the top help.
    You really need to quit listening to everything that comes out of a certain bloggers mouth and taking it as gospel.

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      Jenkins has sucked since he came into the league, Stocker a good blocker wow, lets just play another tackle at that position then since we only care about blocking from the TE position. Never listen to bloggers I have my own opinion.

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    Some surprises but the team is better than last year go bucs

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    Surprised about Khaseem, thought he was playing well. This team is loaded at LB though.

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    Bucs in my opinion let Khaseem go early before all teams cut their roster totally down in order to better their chances of putting him on the practice squad. Same possibly with Dean

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    Should have kept Barth,he’s a good kicker and they had no business getting rid of him last year. Would have also kept Khaseem.

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