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    I’ve said and thought the same that the biggest issue is not staying gaps and trusting each other and the system. Yea tackles were missed and will be missed when the offense never puts a drive together too and they are on field too much. It’s not because the LB’s are too small like some are saying. So let’s go back and get a Mason Foster who was bigger and thumper against run, but couldn’t cover my grandma and left middle of field wide open all year! Time of possession was crazy and you can’t win like that. I do think though the defense was more to blame in Houston and against Titans. We can argue about if it’s the players or coaches all day. Combination of both I’m sure but who picked these players? Also a very undisciplined team. Penalties on offense and defense are preseason sloppy 3 games into season.

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    My option I hope is to every buc fan opion. I can see that the bucs is getting better each week. I believe that next year that Tampa qb should rotate qb’s each pre-season. I see that the defense is getting better. even the injury bug. I come to the aid of Jameis Winston. The Receieving corp TE as well as WR and RB should catch the ball. If they can’t start looking next year for TE,WR and RB. I believe that next year Tampa should select a DL, CB,WR,TE &RB and not in that order. Maybe Tampa could trade down to select the players they are wanting for 2016 GO Bucs

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    Time to shut up and win some games.
    Concentrate and quit making stupid penalties and the same mistakes over and over again.
    Get some pride in your team and quit being the same old Bucs.
    This team has the talent and the coaching to beat 2/3 of the league including the Panthers.

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    Lovie needs to swallow his pride and stop insisting the MLB has to call the defense when you have a talented but green Rookie playing MLB. David did it well for years and should be calling the adjustments against the Panthers who David knows well. David also needs to play at the level his new contract is paying him to play. No more missing sure tackles like last week. Lovie also needs to mix in a run blitz every once in awhile too. How many times did our former all pro DB now in the booth fire down the line of scrimmage and take down running backs before they get started? Conte is very capable of doing that today. Crush those Stinking Panthers today and get your old time swagger back Defense! Go Buc’s!!!

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