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    Congrats Lynch, you were one of the best players this franchise has ever had and you deserve to be in the Ring of Honor. but the days of dominant defense in Tampa appear to be over for good, and I for one am a little sad to see it go. However, its now time to embrace a new brand of football here in Tampa, and that’s a high powered offense that can score a lot of points! should be fun to watch.

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    Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks cite the same game as being the point where the team started turning it around.
    As they tell it, they were listening to ESPN disparage the Bucs on national TV calling them the Yuccaneers and both vowed to take their anger out on the Chargers.
    The rest is history.
    We may have had that same moment this year after Winston’s scramble in the Falcons game.
    But alas, according to PR, a game rousing speech was ended by Lovie because of harsh language.
    Thanks for throwing a bucket of cold water on what could have been a good season.

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