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    I still don’t get all the hysteria generated about this unit after last week’s game.
    Except for two bad center QB-center exchanged and Smith whiffing a block on his first play, the line held up well.
    Besides for that, I believe neither Mankins or Smith played past the first two series.
    Bucs are using a lot of different personnel packages looking to see who performs the best so cohesion on the line is a little off as well.
    People really need to relax.

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      I am not sure I can agree with you much more. It was the first game together too. I am waiting for game 3 though before I get too pumped up. Cincy will be a good test for us on Mon. I will get to watch this game live and will be paying close attention to the OL

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    I have said it on other sites and I will say it here too. If our OL can be average then we should not have a losing season. I hold tight to that belief.

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    Everything Lovie is Saying is just supporting the ignorance of not signing this guy or others 3 weeks prior .Seriously over what 500 k are you serious you have a 145 million dollar cap. Lovie may know defense but other than that he hasn’t a Clue and I assure he is telling on himself not having a clue ; just read his quotes as a head coach of a 500 million dollar operation he clearly is delusional. We feel no need to. Sign lineman we need to grow together ? and get our number one QB pick. Ruined L and L 2015…… We feel Dot has been great and want to do a new Deal L and L 2015……… Sure ??? is Great having a true Vet come in and show these guys the way ??Lovie said it ? Sorry Dot ? well notice to dip shi your o line is protecting your number one draft pick and you clownsHave Stated time and time again we will grow together and now you say what a treat to have a real Vet……….. Well you are the clowns that decided not to have the Vet, What a treat to you Clowns to have you’re Best o lineman injured so you will wake up and do what any prudent GM and Coach would have already done while picking a QB number 1 when you have a terrible o line !!!! Sign a Vet that you just stated was such a wonderful experience to have and throw Demar under the bus while doing it , WHAT in the hell is both your all’s hang up with smelling the coffee with your number one pick and O Line ??? I applaud all you have done to protect Fragile Gerald but for Christ sakes Lovie Gerald doesn’t mean 10 percent of What your number one pick does. Gerald is A talent with nota a bit of late game toughness and it’s only a matter of time before Jamis ( a true gamer) calls his sissy ass out !! Quit worrying about mister popular, I got great get off but I quit after that ; focus on your QB and the rest of the team as much as you buy Gerald’s once every three plays potion.Please can someone post Sheldon Richardsons stats vs Mc Coys ! Facts are facts ………. Focus on your QB , not slick talker age raid who got his ass handed to him in the last pre season game. I assure you the only respect an o line guy has for Mc Coy is speed off the snap and nothing else , no pot snap moves, no tenacity, no strenght( just lost 15 pound) and no toughness especially late in games,,,,, soft soft soft….. Don’t worry about princess and take care of your QB

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      I’m confused by what ur saying ur saying look at stats but stats aren’t everything my friend ur bashing Mccoy when he is the best 3tech in the game and he is even better in the off field department Richardson is almost where is ex Missouri teammate is released because of his off field questions also I believe pff ranks Mccoy best at his position and they look at all stats not just the se y stats

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    Kino, dude, take the other half of that Zoloft and 1 mg of Clonopyn. Your thoughts are so angry and disjointed
    I had trouble following you.
    Perhaps you should copy paste that diatribe and post it on another Buc blog site where more people tuned into your particular style of gonzo writing style might be able to understand you.
    Wish you the best.

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