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    Winston will have to earn his leadership and respect through his play on the field. But Evan has to learn that what “the BUcs do around here” has been wrong for years. If these guys “knew what they were doing” , we wouldn’t have been 2-14 last year. Just hike the ball and make sure you block people this year Evan, unlike last year when you were part of the problem.

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    Winston will earn it. 2-14 last year. I’d say that leadership needs to be replaced. Hey EDS – you should spend more time learning how to snap the ball without rolling it.

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    Doing things the “Buc’s way” meant going 2-16 for the season. Any veteran who is happy with the results of doing things the “Buc’s way”, wants to continue doing so, and is bent on teaching the rookies to do the same should be cut immediately! The Bucs need a new way.

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    “EDS” should listen to himself speak… he was horrible last year..ugly personal fouls, poor pass pro, and no movement between the A-gaps in the run game. He’s overpaid- I hated this signing. Zuttah was a better blocker and athlete

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    I feel the same way as the rest of you about our starting center who was brought in with some degree of fanfare but never impressed me as being anything more than average. He is right in the sense that all rookies need to initially defer to the veterans. But likewise should a FA who comes through the gate on the white horse with trumpets sounding only to slide off the saddle and fall on his ass.

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    I think Time will tell.

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    Uh, it wasn’t he center’s fault last year. It was the lack of an offensive system that was fully implemented, a new signal caller at QB, lots of new players on the line(4), and NO offensive coordinator to keep everything running according to plan. Too many other problems to blame Evan Smith for the line’s overall play.

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