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    Banks has every chance to be better this year. As a matter of fact, all the secondary has a chance to be better. With coach Smith calling the shots I think things will improve. Smith will be an upgrade over our old staff. The team is going to improve with any new coaching staff, as long as that coaches name is not Lovie. Always liked Banks. Hope they press him up close to the opposition.

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    Banks can shine still as a Safety. He needs to be moved now. He is good in all respects except for speed where he is only average. He won’t beat out any CBs but with his size, reach, and experience, he can still shine if moved. Don’t lose him.

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    Well he better show up this year or he won’t be around come next year.

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    It’s hard to figure how a player who had seven INT’s his first two years could drop so drastically.
    But then the same thing was said of the entire offensive line in 2014 but then it was all five players who were decribed in unflattering terms.
    I maintained at the time that the odds of all five players going bad at the same time were astronomical.
    Instead I pointed to what all five shared in common and that was an OC who didn’t know what he was doing and put his players in bad schemes to succeed.
    I think the same thing can now be said of Lovie Smith’s defensive schemes and the coaching they received from his son and cronies.

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      Well said. What a bunch of Bozo’s Lovie brought in. Wanted to use the word d******d there. Have fun filling the blanks in. GO BUCS

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