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    So much for that Defense that is improving. Over 400 yds, 300 of it in the air.

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      Agree – seems it was more about the poor offenses we played than us turning a corner….however, I still think our D has improved over the year, and is light years ahead of our offense….I still hope in the D….I see none in the O with this QB and Line

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    raiders won we now have the first choice overall, don’t screw it up and win, winless for Winston, the bucs will finally have a franchise qb

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    How can it be that every Buc fan can see how bad our OLine is, yet Aroyo and McCown continue to attempt the 7 step drop, three WR progression, 10 second delay before throwing the ball….that’s never going to work with this line, that’s only going to end up in hard hitting sacks…it’s the most inevitable disaster waiting to happen…why not go to quick patterns, short drops, get rid of the ball and save your life….oh well, 1st overall pick!!

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    First pick, huh? This is not what I wanted, but I can hear it coming “suck for the duck” and be the “lamest for Jameis”.

    Can this be the Bucs I love so much? sigh!!

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    I realize this was meaningless but: a timeout to start the 2nd half? Yup, that’s my Bucs. Very representative of our season.

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    No OL at all. I give McCown an A for I’m still alive!!!

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    As Santa would say. Ho, Ho Ho-rrendous!

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    Finally, we’re #1 at something, the draft! East End, you would think they’d at least roll McCown out some to help escape the rush. Why have a mobile Q.B. when you have no roll outs, and bootlegs in the playbook? Lovie should’ve hired an O.C. when it was decided Tedford wasn’t coming back. Letting Arroyo be O.C. this season was as dumb as starting Gilkey at center.

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    Man! McCown took a brutal beating yesterday. I saw McCown talking to Glennon on the bench “Mikey, you want some of this?”Naw man, I’m good!”. lol

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    Don’t blame the D, between injuries and offensive ineptitude they did their best.

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