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    That was a great team win today. I say team win because the Bucs looked great on offense, defense and special teams. On defense it was more about the sacks and turnovers than points allowed. The Bucs looked fantastic passing and running, Koetter had them ready to play today. Winston looked comfortable from start to finish. Barth made all his field goals and booted the ball through the end zone on most kickoffs. He must’ve been doing some leg lifts since he had been cut. Also, if Rainey was such a good returner, why hasn’t he been used there for years? Our self scouting is not where it ought to be, but today it’s all about the win. Go Bucs!

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    Great win today! I was watching the game with my wife, she never watches football but it was our anniversary today.
    The game plan and calls by koetter were on all day. Made some good easy throws to get Jameis started. Doug Martin is playing like a man possessed and our lines on both sides looked real good.
    Now on the downside , our secondary is absolutely terrible. Lovie and his boys Jenkins and Jennings suck. They made Blake look like tom Brady.
    All around so happy for this win. May have to force the wife to watch more.

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      Totally agree with your analysis cgmaster27. We need DBs in the worst way. The middle of the defensive backfield was open all day. But so glad for the win. Keep improving Bucs!

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    Glad pinkstob is happy again, and congrats cgmaster27 on your anniversary.

    Was Lovie pointing the finger at Koetter or Winston when he said in his presser following the Carolina game “We made some bad decisions at the beginning of the game in the two games we’ve had here, but I just don’t think that will continue”?

    I won’t point fingers in the face of a great win today, but something sure changed. Winston went out of his way to repeatedly compliment Koetter on his play calling in his post game presser.

    Whatever the reason and whomever got better, we should do this again. I could get used to this winning thing. Go Bucs!

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      Thanks for the well wishes Mac, it was a great day.

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    We need to give our own Mark Cook his props for having a good feeling about the Bucs. Predicted the Bucs to win 37-10. Only analyst brave enough to think the Bucs offense could score over 30 points. He only thought the Jags would score 10 points because he forgot that Jenkins and Jennings would be our starting CBs. lol. Kudos Mark!

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      Right macabre!

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        Sorry macabee…dang auto correct!



          Warren, you see my avatar. no problem. Both names fit. lol. It happens from time to time. BTW, mac a bee are the initials for my real name – MAB. I see down below my good friend drdneast just whizzed all over it too! lol. Ah…a day in the life of a Buc fan. Glad we won today!

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    maabee, I know your right about Jennings. I I was screaming from the stands at one point, “Jennings, your coverage stinks old man.”
    Don’t know if he heard me but everyone around me did.
    He was playing 10 yards off the WR on a third and 4.
    Will be nie when we get Banks back and this stiff is back on the bench.
    Still, it wasn’t the corners who gave up the big plays at the end of the half and the game as much as our safeties.
    I understand both Conte and Tandy went out in the second quarter with injuries so that may be the reason why.
    Was listening to the radio show on the way in and heard the analysts saying it was going to be a low scoring game, sloppily played with the contest being won by a Connor Barth FG.
    Didn’t see much sloppy play except from our safeties and overall not that many penalties.
    So called experts don’t know as much as they think they do.

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    Lets give Kevin Pamphille and Howard Jones their props for having good games today.
    Pamphille delivered a terrific block to spring Sims on his 54 yard catch and I think Jones had two sacks but I may be mistaken.

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    I’ll go even farther than J&J…our entire pass coverage looks atrocious…our two LBs (David and Alexander) just stood flat footed while Bortles slotted TD passes behind them…our safeties (apart from the McDougald INT – which was a very nice play) were AWOL…but yes, Jennings and Jenkins were trash and we won’t win much more with those guys playing….on a brighter note (as I promised I would do): Banks will back soon, and we do have that probowl CB on the bench (dog house) that we could put in the game. I think we’ve got several more wins in us this year. And one final positive note (just because PR hasn’t mentioned it), I saw quite a few excellent blocks by Marpet today…I’m liking his progress.

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      Marpet is a beast! But on the down side, he got his FIRST penatalies of the season – two holding calls.

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    The special teams were truly special today. I don’t think we would have won without their “special” play.

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      It was so good having Barths consistency back. Don’t know why we ever cut him. I’ll take accuracy all day over a bigger leg.

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      Having Barth back takes all the drama out of our kicking game. Lol. One negative was Lavonte David whiffing on at least 3 tackles. What’s up with that.

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        Said the same thing as I was watching the game. He did have 8 solo tackles, but he missed Yeldon in the backfield multiple times. Why has his tackling sucked this year?

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    I watched the game on TV and the play by play guy said that we put an extra player on the line everytime we ran the ball. Did any of you see that?

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      Yes Jiggy.

      That was OT Reid Fragel playing the blocking TE position that Stocker normally plays. It worked well. Both RBs had a great day!

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    It was a wonderful feel good win for me. I was at the Opera in Vienna and hoping the Bucs were doing good. When I got back on the boat about 11 PM, it was 5 PM your time; I saw that we had won!. What a great night cap! Now I enjoy the last of my two days on the Danube before arriving to Budapest and flying out back to the greatest country in the world!;USA! It was 32 degrees last night and the high today will be in the mid 40’s; fall is here in Europe. The Refugee’s are going to freeze in Germany, Austria, Hungry as they haven’t thought that far ahead. Meanwhile, Go Bucs!

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    Glad to hear from you Horse. In spite of the 3-1 records of these two teams they put on quite a show. Folks so down on our secondary should at least recognize that Bortles in no slouch and was the 3rd player taken in the Draft. The Jags are a bit like us; at times somewhat unlucky, but all NFL teams have talent. That said, I’m sure Licht and staff are watching the college CB’s and Safeties very closely. Great day for Buc Nation and in particular we fans at our “home” stadium who for once were able to hold our heads high.

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      Ooooops! 1-3 not 3-1

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    Impressive performance ALMOST all the way around. Offense was working like a well-oiled machine with Doug Martin circa 2012 and Jameis Winston protecting the ball well. I would’ve liked to see more from our receivers but when the backs are producing so well there’s no reason to switch it up.

    Special teams was on point. Rainey seems like he’s locked up the returner duties with his impressive performance so far. Hard to believe we wasted a pick when we had the right piece all along. Nice to see field goals going through the uprights for a change. As for Barth’s lack of kicking power, it seemed like 95% of his kickoffs went through the endzone.

    On defense, pass rush was looking on point. Run defense was stout. Our secondary looked pretty bad though. There were several times Jax receivers beat the defenders but luckily our pass rush forced errant throws. I found myself yelling at the tv on several plays “Why the *expletive* is this guy in ahead of Verner!?!”

    It’s still too early to tell for sure, but it looks like our biggest need at this point may be DB rather than DE. Hopefully we ride this wave of momentum through the bye week. After this performance, I’m sad there won’t be any Buc football next week. Go Bucs!

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    On a side note…does anyone know the story behind switching to white for our home uniform?

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    Eric Horchy

    My fault on the “most points score since” mention. Initially had it as the Martin game against Oakland in 2012 and forgot about the 41-28 win over Atlanta in 2013 … which was also Rainey’s career-best rushing day (163 yards/2 TDs).

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    A good win and fun to watch! I am not going to let myself be fooled into thinking we have turned the corner, as that was just one game and I anticipate they will continue to be uneven in performance from one game to the next, but love the “2” in the win column.

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