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    If it is possible, I recommend the live audio from Bleacher Report Radio. Would be good to hear it in his own words!

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    This would be a smart move if the Bucs could arrange some sort of mentorship with Brooks for Winston. Derrick could call him “Meat” …”These big league hitters are going to light you up like a pinball machine… Don’t worry about it. You remain cocky and arrogant. That’s the secret… fear and arrogance.”

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    “It’s going to take time.” Neither QB is ready to step in and be “the guy”. Both QBs will take time, maybe different areas of concern neither is an immediate fix.

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    If Brooks endorses Winston it’s good enough for me. Have no problem drafting him #1.

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    I want Winston too but not my preffered choice but if we draft him I’ll be happy, I’ll just be scared and cross my fingers the kid matures

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    Off topic met Simeon Rice today at a celebrity football game today in Surprise he wasn’t signing or giving attention anyone but when I yelled to him I’m a Bucs Fan he came right over and said “anytime for Bucs Fans and took a pic with me with is arm around my shoulder, how cool is that?

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      We’ve never recovered at the DE position since he retired. One of the greatest defensive ends I’ve ever witness. OH and he owned michael vick. You know you’ve done well when Big 99 gives him such mad respect.
      ANd meeting him is pretty damn lucky. Too bad we can’t post attachments to this.

      1. 6.1.1


        I know that would be cool if I could post pics

    2. 6.2


      Way cool JonnyG! Think Sapp would have done that? #97 should have been our Superbowl MVP and should be considered for the Ring of Honor. Never forget the “leaping” penalty he got against the Colts that gave them the chance to win that game in 2003. Officials sure pulled that one out of their butts. Bucs were never the same after that. Lost the swagger.

      1. 6.2.1


        Yes Scu, remember that game well I flew in for that game and my seats were under the pirate ship so I had a close up of that bs call, remember all the Colts Fans heading for the exits in the 4th quarter before that comeback, lol,it was a long way home after that

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    If I was team Glazer, I’d find a place in the organization for Derrick Brooks. Asst to Licht, player development, get this man on board. Brian Glazer, ” hey D, Lovie thinks we should pass on a Q.B. this year, what do you think”? After the way L, and L blew most of F.A. last year, hard to blow the Evans pick, but not to impressed after that, I’d want Brooks’ opinions going forward if I’m a Glazer.

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    Hello, Capt. Obvious. Who else is FSU Alum Derrick Brooks going to give an endorsement to?

    1. 8.1


      Maybe he sees Winston as the better qb. He sees stuff in Winston that he believes mariotta simply doesn’t have. Like leadership, unlike mariotta the mime. We get it, you don’t like Winston, that doesn’t mean everyone that does is a homer.

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    Just like Dungy endorses Mariota, both he, and Brooks have stated it’s who they know the best Capt.. The point is, Brooks believes with the right plan, he is the best player in this draft, and would do the Bucs proud.

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    Brooks said before the season started that even with Lovie, McCoy, David and Verner in house it would take a while for the players to play well in the Tampa 2. He was right and it didn’t happen until the last half of season. Now he’s saying that Winston is not ready now (contrary to popular belief) and he will be in time so since he was right before I believe him. However, he didn’t say how long it would take. If both players will take a while to be ready (I figure by week 8 for Mariota) you might as well draft Mariota. The only knock against him is that he won’t be ready week one. Well, neither will Winston and with Mariota there is no risk for embarrassment in the news for the Glazers.

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    Derrick said ” with the right environment around him”. Where is Winston going to find the right environment? Mons Venus? If Brooks is willing to have Winston live with him, then draft Winston.
    Also Brooks also endorsed Ponder as a QB. Enough said.

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      Magoobee- My son trains at Exos for athletes and he was in the cool down pool with Odel Beckam and Kevin White wr west virginia and they were talking about what strip club they were going to that night even inviting my son, lol they all go to strip clubs hell I do to on occasion, lol

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