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    If the Winston vs. Mariota debate has anyone foggy on where my allegiances lie as a Bucs fan and if wasn’t clear from the tone of my comments I was pissed last week. Very pissed. Today I’m happy…very happy! I frickin’ hate the Saints and this is why we shouldn’t be afraid of D. Brees. Don’t let Goodell hear this but I’m so glad we hurt his shoulder, I just wish we knocked him out of the game. When QB’s turn the ball over the other team always has a chance to win and we almost always pick Brees off a bunch. How about J. Smith!! I just hope McCoy is okay, I saw them rubbing is bicep on the sideline…

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      Pinkstob, as much as I like you and I genuinely do, I can’t let you get off with a dog ate my homework response regarding Winston. I’m not going to troll, but after you read this you may want to give Winston some props!


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      Never challenged your allegiance PInk but your writes up last weeks were embarrassing 1 week into the season. You need to eat a bit of crow this week. You Deez and Bucnut 2 can all slow your roll a bit as Mariota got drilled this week and might break the rookie record for fumbles. Let’s worry about our own Qb from now on instead of shouting I told you so.

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        On a side note Buc Nut you were right about one thing, he did kill that press conference with a smile on his face.



          I never said “I told you so”. Everyone is free to comment on what they see just like I am. That’s surprised me since this whole debate started, it’s like if you truly want the Bucs to win you have to support the guy we say to support or you’ll be mobbed. Well mob away I suppose. It’s a free country.

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        Mariota is playing well in two games thus far look at his completion percentage and td to int ratio. I sweara this room is the “I hate Mariota lets find faults room” Mariota is a good qb who could be great to say otherwise simply is being bias. I think the same of Winston.

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      no one questioned your loyalty. but as everyone said, you need to eat some crow here. you bashed and bashed winston. he completed over 65% of his passes. and made some huge plays. hes gonna turn the ball over, its going to happen. calling him jay cutler is rediculous, and i seriously hope you stop bc jay cutler, like i said is not even close to being the leader and resiliant player that winston is…

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        I said this before, my comparison of Winston to Jay Cutler is based on their on the field play. I don’t care about personality, only points. There is one thing I want to make clear though. I am allowed to speak my mind and call things as I see them. I understand that I have to face the music if things don’t turn out the way I say they will. I understand that. I also know that I enjoy the rush when things do turn out they way I said they would. That’s the fun of analysis and how you get better at it. I enjoy football for many reasons but that’s one of the reasons I enjoy it. Now I said I wouldn’t finalize my assessment of Winston or Mariota until the end of the 2017 season. However, I saw enough of them in college where I feel comfortable saying that Mariota will the better QB, regardless how good or bad they are overall. If Winston is good, Mariota will be great. If Winston is great, Mariota will be a Pro Bowler, etc. If you disagree, ignore my posts and/or write your own. If you and others see it differently, that’s okay. To me, that’s what these boards are for, how we feel about the Bucs.



          Yes pink but in your haste to enjoy your “rush” you managed to spend a week chastising your own teams qb.
          And no offense but anyone with eyes that could read between the lines could see that everything you wrote last week realms of “I told you so”.



            That’s my point, I’m allowed to chastise Winston, before or after we draft him. Since he’s a Buc I don’t plan to do so unless he deserves it. He doesn’t deserve it now so I plan to give him props in the Winston report and other articles. I said after we drafted him I would judge him fairly just like I do every other player we draft and I still plan to. Let me make another example. I didn’t like L. Stocker when I saw him play at Tennessee. I didn’t like it when we drafted him and I said so on these boards the day we drafted him. I’ve said on these boards I don’t like him regularly since he’s been with the Bucs because I still don’t like the way he plays. Though I’ve been down on him from the beginning it never seemed to bother anybody. No one has gotten on me about chastising a Bucs TE. I never liked E.J. Biggers and said so often and no one got on me about chastising a Bucs CB. I don’t see the difference here. There’s lots of players I like because they play well or have shown the potential to play well in my opinion so I give them props.



            HIPPOCRATES! Last week you told Pinkstob he was chest pumping that Mariota proved his point (ridiculous accusation)about QB debate and then proceeded to tell him it was only 1 game. 1 game later you are chest pumping and telling him to eat crow! Which is it man? Do any of you have intelligence above a Nat? Pinkstob is entitled to his opinions and your pathetic accusations last week about him and now “I told you so” attitude is beyond laughable. Most of you really are well… I’ll be nice. I probably disagree with Pinkstob on 30% of what he says but never do I question his motives. Most of you should eat crow but your too ….to realize it. EVERYONE on here wants the Bucs to win and EVERYONE is entitled to their opinions so quit acting like teenage girls and man up. Pinkstob, One poster realizes as do you, that these posters do not comprehend what you write. It is like they make things up as they go just because you have a different opinion. AS I said in a previous post to you, it is cool to be different and make your own path in life. Most these posters just follow the person in front of them. P.S. they wont understand the full meaning of my last statement either…lol.

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    Bout time they beat them dam ain’ts, now it’s on to Houston.

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    Pink your comments and opinions after one game were ridiculous. Who knows who will be better long term. Let’s just sit back and see what happens and be Bucs fans instead of stating Mariota will be better like its a cold fact.

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    So, this is how it’s probably going to go all season… Up, down, up, down… Hopefully, we can ease up on the “fire everyone” theme until we see where this team and Winston stands after a full season? Hopefully, today’s game marks a crossroads where the Bucs are trending slowly upward and the Aints slowly downward. Great win!

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    Very good game for Winston…67% with 2 drops. Two bad passes near NO goal line that coulda been TDs. But overall, a good day. Celebrating with a Malibu & Coke!

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    and you are entitled pinkstob. and imo, jay cutler is still a terrible comparison. i see more of a brett favre player than cutler. you cant lift a team as a recluse. winston lifts his teams up time and time again, and thats a characteristic of his you continue to disregard. and it does lead to points on the board, dont believe me, go talk to packer, 49er, steeler, and patriot fans. winston won in hs, he won in college, and he will win in the nfl. you say that it doesnt matter how they play right now, well it seemed to matter to you last week. sorry, but your saying things completely different than last week. no mention of mariotas 3 fumbles this week? two which were lost. no mention of him holding on to the ball for too long and looking lost at times? idc if you voice your opinion at all, but your song last week isnt the same as this weeks, last week it was mariota is that much better, we picked the wrong qb,blah blah blah, this week it doesnt matter how they play bc youll assess their play at the end of the year? hmmm…i have nothing against you at all, but im gonna challange you.

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    I am so happy we won! I had a lot of doubts about our defense; they showed up today and I hope it continues. The offense is getting better and will continue to get better. Special Teams were an A for sure. Now lets get the Texans next! Go Bucs!

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    Many of you bashed Conte continually before he ever played a snap. Well, I doubt they would have won without him today. He was solid.

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    76Buc, he started off in the first series slow and got better. The CB’s and Safeties weren’t flawless for sure, but stepped up when it matter.

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    Can we talk about the win rather than I told you so Pink stuff its exhausting, I’m just glad to watch the Bucs play the entire game and not be pissed off. Go Bucs

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    Dbuc, I’m sure pink is so glad you came to his defense. I”m sure you feel good trying to sound like the smartest guy in the room and looking more like a well… how do I put it nicely.
    You only pop on to comment on others posts and shout bs like everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. Well guess what we are aloud to have our opinions as well?
    If you look at any of my posts, as I’m sure I’m on of the people your aiming your ramble towards, I’ve said Winston will have up and down games all season.
    We don’t comprehend what he writes? Awful nice of you to think we’re all that stupid. You just keep trying to be the smart guy in the room and the rest of will talk about football.

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    Oh and it’s spelled HYPOCRITES oh wise one.

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    It’s also spelled gnat not “nat”. I have a lot of respect for Pinkstob and had the pleasure of watching a practice session with him this past training camp. He does fancy himself a bit of a player analyst who makes some good observations. I have no problem with his oft stated preference for Mariota. Both have their weaknesses and strengths. My issue was those who preferred Mariota taking the first and only opportunity they had to quickly jump to a conclusion that Mariota, after but one game, is superior to not only Winston but every other QB to play the game and to look down their nose at we who support “OUR” QB.

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    Scubog; right with you. Pinkstop is okay and makes good points. We all call it wrong at times. What I like the most about most of the Posters, we want the Bucs to win!.

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    In the immortal words of Rodney King, can’t we just aalll get along??

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    Thanks for the support Dbuc63. You and many of the other posters here make good posts yourselves!

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