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    If you’ve actually watched the games you’d know it’s not Martin that is the issue, it’s the play calling and the terrible non-blocking.

    Here’s a typical first down from the 1st to the 3rd quarter.

    Run up the middle.

    Tah dah, I just unlocked the entire Bucs offensive gameplan. The other teams are stacking the line on first down because the Bucs just run up the middle until they’re down by 21 or more points, then they’ll just be in shotgun on first down – wouldn’t want to play action pass and perhaps throw off the defense.

    The offensive play calling has been dismal, its like we’re watching Ray Perkins, Mike Shula, Clyde Christensen, Greg Olson all over again.

    Bucs 1987: Run left, run right, throw deep, punt.
    Bucs 1999: Run left, run right, throw medium, punt.
    Bucs 2014: Run middle, throw short, throw short, punt.

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    I would be surprised if Sims is activated to play this weekend; maybe by next weekend. Go Bucs

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    Don’t get your hopes up….this isn’t AP suiting up for us behind an even average line…it’s a third round pick (that we reached a bit for because our staff fell in love with his tape) behind the worst line in the league….different guy, same result…

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    That sums it up pretty well cbrady2k. That’s what I see from my perch 23 rows up too. I don’t disagree that Martin seems to be pressing and maybe doesn’t have that “make you miss” quick twitch ability of Rainey; but Dietrich-Smith in particular is getting blown up. Our backs are tackled as soon as they get the hand-off. Maybe if they got the ball deeper in the backfield, instead of the inside hand-off so close to the LOS they could use their vision to find an opening. I watched Murray have huge holes created by the Dallas front to run through that I sure don’t see here.

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