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    It was a complete collaspe of everything, It was embarrassing and they whipped us really bad. The only good news for me was Glennon is now playing and we will see if he is worth keep. If we win 2 games it will be a miracle. Time to trade as many players as possible and start over. Lovie can do it, but it’s going to take awhile two seasons. When will we ever learn not to trade our draft picks. We are the Yuccs once again,

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      I for one have lost all faith in Lovie after this debacle.

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        If Lovie is that good he would still be in Chicago.

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    I think it is time for a change. I think the Bucs are the worst team in the NFL. The Raiders and the Jags seem to be getting better, but not the Bucs. I am sure you all have noticed that good teams have good QBs. I am sure that McCown cannot lead us to the Super Bowl. I am pretty sure Glennon cannot. We need to draft a QB. Coach Smith and the other coaches are not doing their jobs. If they were players, they would be cut.

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    John McKay once said after a particularly bad night on Monday Night Football, “We set Monday Night Football back 50 years”. Well we just set Thursday Night Football back 100 years. We will all be dust before the Bucs are on TNF again.

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    Im not one to over-react to things and let emotion rule my thought process; but that was the worst showing I’ve seen since the 0-26 days. This team has absolutely no confidence in itself. It was totally intimidated by a Falcon team that also only won 4 games a season ago. Granted, there are a lot of injuries, but the players in the game, for the most part were cowering to the Falcons. We might have a few leaders like McCoy but what we need is someone with swagger.

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    Scubog is right. We are not that bad, We were intimidated! The only thing worse that could have happened last night was to have brought Jameis Winston out during halftime and stand him on a table top. Troubled young man right there, but somehow his message keeps ringing in my head! lol.

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    WE all know now how bad our Bucs are. We can kid around about next year’s draft but for me, there may be something much bigger growing. Can Lovie keep the locker room? Fellas, this team is mentally cowardly and weak. We still have Bowers on our team so that says it all. Perhaps he is playing his guitar this morning singing lullabies. I like keeping Glennon in as he at least has a much stronger and I mean MUCH stronger arm. Intelligence wise and emotional wise Glennon is also better. This is the only potential promising thing I see right now…how bad is that? We could Have Tom Brady in there and still lose with that girlie defense. You are right Horse keep the 2 stars on defense and trade everyone else.

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    This is who we are. After all the coach speak, the high production quality Scott Smith videos, the experts prognostication; the late afternoon practices in the lightning; this is who we are. Your film tells your story. In the long term I hope Josh is OK, but I hope he needs a few games to heal. I want to see Glennon–Not because I think he can do better–No. I want to see him so that everyone can see him; warts & all. I want all to know what we have in the cupboard. I’m not trying to be negative or kick a man when he’s down…I’m just tired of dressing this junk up with false promises of “potential” or “adjustments.” We play bad undisciplined football, and we aren’t going to stop anytime soon. We aren’t rebuilding? Why Not? Seriously, if you’re GMC, and you love to win, what football reason would you resign with this team? It’s so much more fun to play defense with a lead and better for your body to play 60 snaps as opposed to 120.

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    So many issues with this team. One I didn’t expect was an inability to cover a receiver. There were so many blown coverages in zone defences that I stopped counting. I really makes one wonder if they actually know what they’re doing. Poor coaching. Backup player talent. No fire. I agree with all sentiments for change. Get that #1 pick and pick a real QB of the future.

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    Where is Jason Licht? I thought Dominik had the record for disappearing when things went bad, but Licht is now in the witness protection program somewhere in a secure bunker!

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    Agree with Horse it’s time for a fire sale. Trade as many players as you can. Even release Mankins. Not that he isn’t good, but by the time the team is he’ll have died of old age! See if one of the other guards can develope enough to avoid having to draft one. Same with Glennon. Is he, or isn’t he good enough to be a starter in the NFL. McCown has had 12 years to prove he’s not! It’s not about winning games anymore this year. It’s about who can help us win games in the future. Yes, time to rebuild once again. There are no quick fixes. Even K.C.’s feel good story last year has crashed, and burned. They gave A Smith a journeymen franchise money. Can’t afford to make mistakes like that.

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    Thanks 76Buc, I needed the laugh this morning. I’m glad there are enough Bucs fans left on this planet that there are any comments to read. I expected to see virtual tumbleweeds rolling across the screen when I logged in to Pewter Report. Worst Bucs loss in franchise history, especially since it occurred in front of a national audience. I’m so glad the NFL network partnered up with CBS this year so EVERYONE had a chance to see that last night.

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    I am the luckiest Bucs fan of all. Last night I decided to record the game, so I couod go back over anything that I missed. When I hit the record, the cablebox freaked out and the screen went dark. When I finally got it to work again and turned on the game it was 28 to zip. I immediately changed channels, deciding that if they came back an won, then I would be surprised an happy in the morning and if not, then I avoided a lot of pain. I feel pretty good about that decision. My mom thinks Lovie is a crappy coach and should go. All I know is now that we have had three games it is offical, we are a very bad team. Time to revise the prediction from 8-8, to 2 and 14. Sad.

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    If you have Buc fever, one quarter of Atlanta cured you.

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    I don’t think its the players…..yeah we have some major holes…but this one is on the coaches and the lack of an offensive coach. PERIOD.

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