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    Sounds like the Bucs grabbed a special teams contributor, but I sure wish they would have gotten one more interior lineman or rashad greene.

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    Clearly, with Jon Robinson there, they are using the Patriots “guts not Glory” approach to the draft. Alexander is not big, but he’s fast and sideline to sideline tackler.

    Great strategy if you have the teachers and the patience to turn these guys into homegrown stars. Never heard of Lansanah or McDougald before last year, So Go Bucs!

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    Bus love speed on D and guys that like to hit. With his size and speed is he a safety possibility?

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    who’s going to play DE for us this year….Smith and Johnson…and we think this is going to work….this sounds a lot like last year’s “plan” with OG….how’d that work out…seriously, why do these get paid to run this franchise…if your plan was to pass on all FAs you should have had a plan to draft someone, doing neither is just incompetent!

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    Disappointing, mostly because if we’d have stayed put in the 2nd when we traded up for Donovan Smith, we’d have picked 10th in this round. The 11th and 12th picks? TJ Clemmings and Tre Jackson. Would have been nice to grab one of them and not have to worry about O-Line starters for the next 3-4 years. Another Dakota Watson? Very exciting, he wasn’t even good enough to warrant re-signing.

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      Great point. We of all teams should know that if you need two quality OL starters you’ll need to draft 3-4 players to find them. This pick seems a reach, borne of necessity and prior mistakes.

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    I believe this is a good pick in the later part of the 4th round. They like the guy and I see nothing wrong with it. If you want to talk about bad drafting look what Pittsburgh has done in this draft.

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    This move was dissapointing. Hard to believe was best player available and no good DE left? Oh we’ll see what happens.

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    Love the pick, this guys will be great in the Tampa2. Special teams and nickel LB. Fastest LB at the combine and had 24x 225lb benchpress- explosive; productive+willing tackler. It looks like Tampa Bay is finally drafting athletes with good measurables…it’s been a drought

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    I think this player fits the buc mold-Good draft Tampa

  10. 10


    I think this was a good pick. We need OLB depth and good special teamers. We need a MLB but I’d rather get a good OLB that is just depth than a lousy player at a position of need.

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    More depth at LB and a good scheme fit, I don’t see a problem with it

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