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    I doubt many people will watch this Thurs Night Thriller outside of Tampa and St Louis, but I will be one of them, I see the Rams having 5-6 sacks tonight, Martin having over 100 yds rushing, Evans dropping 3 balls, Stocker zero cacthes, Gholdston a few tackles ha, my prediction is Bucs 16 Rams 13 we beat yet another journeyman back up but as other posters say “A win is a win” lol

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      You forgot McCoy being single blocked into the ground for most of the night as well, but it’s ok he’s injured.
      As for the sacks I agree with you, for some reason I see Jameis taking a beating tonight. But I’m sure Lovies dumb ass will still have cherilus playing instead of Dotson for some reason.
      But we can not lose to keenum tonight, that would be Terrible. You put 8 guys in the box and let him try to beat you.
      It’s got the feel of a low scoring game.

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        Agree- I don’t why in gods name we are starting Cherilous over Dotson, same reason we have Stocker on team perhaps

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        Agree- I don’t why in gods name we are starting Cherilous over Dotson, same reason we have Stocker on team perhaps

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      If Martin rushes for 100 yards, the Bucs will win this game.

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    I always pick the Bucs out of sheer unapologetic loyalty. I’m a Buc fan – not afraid to lose – been there before. Bucs win 28-17.
    Can’t wait to see the Condiment Bowl tonight. My Bucs will ketchup and pass the mustard! #sorrycouldntresist

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    Got to go with the Bucs because we are due some luck for a change. Yes we and most of the other teams have injuries this time of the year. Coach is always talking about playing the best players available? Well we have more healthy Safety’s and CB’s, so why not play the Nickel all night and lets have Ore be the back up for our two starting LB’s. This would also allow a Blitz from time to time. Go Bucs! Get the win!

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    After the hits the Oline allowed on Winston this Sunday, they owe him a great performance tonight. The Rams front 7 is tough. They’ve put together good lines on both sides of the ball. I really thought they would be a wild card team this year in that division, especially with the 9’ers falling apart. Our 2ndary is so terrible, if Gurley gets loose he could easily put Conte in the cold tub. All that said, I’ve got my pewter tinted glasses on, and my Star Wars ticket in my pocket. The Force is Strong w/ #3, I like the Bucs 27 – 24.

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    JonGruden, yes, a win is a win- but we used to say “an L is an L!” when people would start rattling off excuses as to why their team shoulda or coulda won…
    This is the Bucs’ one shot on the national stage, let’s hope they pull it off so that my brother and nephew can go to work tomorrow and use that phrase on their co-workers! Since the Bucs have bounced back from bad losses earlier in the season, I can see them stepping up and pulling out the ‘W’- just stop Gurley early and get the lead so we can see more Martin in the 2nd half

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