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    Name Required

    Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

  2. 2


    Fantastic! The cap room alone is worth the cut, let alone his horrendous play. Good for Lovie to cut him, which now makes me think that we will not trade Glennon. Good move there as well if we can keep him. I also think this pretty much shows that we are taking a QB with out first pick.

  3. 3


    #blamejamise hahahaha. The path is becoming clear. A quarterback is on the way unless lovie wasn’t joking with the whole “glennon is our future” thing

  4. 4


    In the words of my most famous Great Dane, Rut..Row!!! The stars are aligned. If there was ever any doubt, get rid of it. Don’t know which one, but we are getting a QB!

  5. 5


    McCown had to go. That said – and with all the “who will it be” at #1 talk, I’m thinking the fan collective will be totally surprised at whatever it is the team does. I’m bettin’ the starting QB in game 1 will not be a rookie. Someone reassure me please Vinnie’s too old for a comeback …

  6. 6


    I think this was a move that needed to be made. That said I still believe they will try and trade Glennon if for nothing else a draft pick. The Buc’s could pick up a QB with more experience then Glennon to help mentor the rookie. Glennon wants to play and he only has this year and next. With a shortage of QBs this year the value is in the draft pick. Things are starting to look up for the Buc’s.

  7. 7


    Oniel Cousins and Garrett Gilkey can’t believe what just happened. That Luke Stocker trick of hiding behind the cold tub really works.

    1. 7.1


      Haha, that’s great Mac. I laughed out loud reading that. I don’t know how he is still on the team. Him and Micheal Koenen need to go now. I mean really, a 3 million dollar punter.

  8. 8


    macabee.. Your right on Stocker, he needs to go also. He’s been on IR for most of his time since we drafted him. Don’t want ASJ getting any bad habits!

  9. 9


    Who is going to mentor our rookie quarterback now? Mark my words McCown will be back at a lower salary!

  10. 10


    That’s an extra $5.25 million that they can throw at Suh.

  11. 11


    Hey Stlbucsfan, how about that scenario we talked about where we get rid of McCown and trade Glennon? It’s halfway to fruition!

    1. 11.1


      I hope not pinkstob but I am pleased nonetheless bc now we have to take Jameis.

  12. 12


    To me this was a sensible move. Glennon is already learning the new system. He will be the back up. If Winston needs a few games before he can be the starter then Glennon will start. Listen to what the OC said; Winston and Glennon fit in just fine with his offensive scheme. Next task is to find some OL in Free Agency at a reasonable price. Don’t touch Oher as he has a bad toe and we know how that goes.

  13. 13


    We need to trade Glennon, we don’t need a QB controversy. Need someone that knows he’s the backup. Winston starts day 1.

    1. 13.1


      That’s a recipe for disaster. Neither Mariota or Winston is ready to start from day one. Bucs need a bridge QB in Free Agency.

  14. 14


    It’s being reported that McCown has had a few calls from other teams already. Maybe we can get a second round pick for Glennon!

  15. 15


    Well, well. This is going to make Free Agency that much more interesting. Are the Bucs going to draft a QB and let Glennon begin the season as the starter? Or are they going to pick up a spot starter, trade Glennon and use the FA QB as the starter to bridge until Mariota or Winston is ready.

  16. 16


    Cut that meat!!! We lose a QB and are already better at the position…Glennon stays unless we are given an offer we can’t refuse- he can compete with Winston and increase his value- maybe moving him after a little progression…then hire back the McClown to hold Winston’s jockstrap and keep Lovie happy – all at a reduced price! Now let’s get Suh!

  17. 17


    @ name required- never seen you post but I like you already! Mil house is da sh*t !

  18. 18


    Thank god. Good move. Nice guy but 5 million well spent.

  19. 19


    Glennon has made it clear he wants to be a starter. He is the last person you want training the future Franchise QB. So trade Glennon for a draft pick badly needed for the OL, and hire Tebo to train your 1st round QB, and be available if the Rookie gets hurt. Bring in Mariota, who will show up Winston in the combine, and he has the smarts to quickly process the game and make good decisions. Winston had way more turnovers this year than Mariota and that won’t fly in the NFL. And Winston has serious character flaws that can result in suspension by the NFL–way too risky!

    1. 19.1


      the fact that you STILL keep thinking Tebow will ever play another down in the NFL, let alone the Bucs, almost makes your statement laughable. You can’t be serious right?

  20. 20


    Glennon and Winston battle it out in training camp to see who starts. Let’s get this QB thing locked down, Bucs! e

  21. 21


    If Glennon is traded I think it’s definitely Winston, if not it’s 50/50

  22. 22


    If the reported tension rumors had any semblance of validity; Lovie just lost Round 1. Even he has to now admit that erroneous evaluation. Had some of us fooled until game 1. Time for us to stop trying to get by with has-beens and get a QB with some genuine promise. Good luck Josh…….you were a really nice guy. Sucked as a QB, but to some folks that’s not important. Que the harp music.

  23. 23


    Kinderrt is right, get Winston ready to start day one. I say this because he’s going to play, might as well make sure he’s ready to play. Why waste the reps? When you draft a Q.B. with the first overall pick it’s because you need one badly. Winston will have to learn the hard way, there’s no benefit to sitting him behind the likes of Glennon.

  24. 24


    It is easy to make fun of Cousins and Gilkey, two hapless chaps, but relatively small potatoes in the scheme of things.

    But Dashon Goldson, Anthony Collins, ans Michael Koenen represent dollars that would have a positive and significant impact on cap space.

    I expect they’re the next most likely candidates for release before March 10.

  25. 25


    Aside from performance, this move makes sense from a $$$ standpoint. Glennon (while not any better) is just much cheaper – therefore, he stays. He can compete with some other veteran FA QB pick-up to take the initial snaps at the start of the season while the new rookie QB gets acclimated. Then, its relegation to clipboard holder for (hopefully) the rest of his time with the Bucs. That does mean, fellow Bucs fans, horrendous QB play to start, at a minimum, the new season – but a small price to pay if Winston/Mariota pan out. All that said and as previously pointed out, I wouldn’t be at all shocked if McCown comes back at a much lower rate to be the back-up QB. Then we can ship Glennon off to someone else as long as the compensation is, at least, decent. And one more thing, I keep hearing people mention that Glennon’s not happy and wants to be a starter. Well, he had 18 plus games to nail that job down and he failed. Name me a 3rd round pick who’s had that much opportunity. So, if he’s unhappy, tough @#!$@! Play better or shut-up and hold that clipboard!

  26. 26


    Too bad there seems to be some interest in McCown, thought we could hold on to him and see if we could get anything, even a 5th or 6th?? Thought that Trestman might be a candidate to sign him or give us a low draft pick, that is the ONLY time McCown played well. If Trestman doesn’t want him, that should be a huge red flag for anyone else. Only way I still want to trade Glennon, is if we get a LOT for him, and get another FA QB with experience to play while Winston is learning on the bench. Even if only for 4 or 5 games. I still would like to see Glennon and Winston battle it out for the right to start, and they can push each other during training camp and the pre-season.

  27. 27


    Whether they decide to keep Glennon or not there’s no denying this certainly increases his trade value. It puts the Bucs in a position of strength because it makes it seem like we see Glennon as capable starter and are more inclined to keep him rather than trade him. That means other teams will have to up the ante if they want to pry him from our grasp. That’s exactly where you want to be from a negotiating standpoint…always able to easily walk away from the table. That said, I still think they will trade Glennon once their price is met, either before or after the draft. Upon trading Glennon I think they’ll pick up Colt McCoy or trade for a veteran backup (give up a 2016 7th round pick for R. Fitzpatrick or something).

  28. 28


    To me this means we get Mariota or Foles. If you’re bringing in Winston you keep McCown, to be a life coach and chaperone, and you don’t undermine that by cutting and then resigning him, you just restructure the contract. I wouldn’t mind Foles plus a couple of the Eagles picks. But we prob take Mariota and start Glennon, realizing M is a bit of a project. Glad to be rid of McCown, can’t believe anyone would consider bringing him in.

    1. 28.1


      FINALLY SOMEONE MAKING SENSE!! Glennon will start next year. We need players (that is plural). Trade down Bucs!! Neither one of these QB’s will sign a second contract as a starter in future. Foles would be good pick up, hope your right.

    2. 28.2


      Not sure I agree with you there. What is MCclown going to mentor him on? How to fumble the ball every time he touches it? There is plenty of veteran leadership on this team to “mentor” Winston if that’s the pick.

    3. 28.3


      I agree getting rid of McCown opens the possibility of trading our #1 pick to Philly for Nick Foles and many draft picks. If the Bucs brass are uncertain of both Winston and Marioata this could happen.
      Not my choice but very possible given Philly desire for Mariota.

      1. 28.3.1


        Why should we give this pick away. Yes get Nick Foles with #20 as well as 3 other future #1 picks rememember DRAF DAY! Go Bucs

  29. 29


    You won’t be missed Josh

  30. 30


    I’d think that was the correct thing to do and save 5.5 million dollars. If they keep Glen to backup either rookie QB that would save a whole bunch of money and go after SUH or another High Price Defense Linemen.GO Bucs

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