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    Is this the same Georgia Cappleman that graduated from FSU Law School? I love to see how really hard she investigated someone from the same place she got her law degree from.

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      Did you wear your tin foil hat when you typed that up?

  2. 2


    Actually I did. LOL. If a team needs to put forth this effort in order to proper vet a prospective player then maybe you should be looking to draft a different player. I don’t care how good a player might become. They have to be on the field in order to achieve anything.

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      While this is unprecedented, what you’re stating is that a state attorneys office, who has been known for throwing the book at FSU players, is covering up.
      You can see why I’m a bit skeptical of your claims.
      The thing is the bucs know more about this kid than any of us do. And if they take him, we have to assume they think he did immature things and believe the whole rape accusation is false or not.
      I’ve read every article about that situation and they for sure know way more about him than I do so if they do select him, the Bucs are betting on him keeping his nose clean.

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    Sooner or later, this civil lawsuit was going to happen. As I think about it, it is better that it happens now rather than later. I’ve read that true steel is tempered under fire. I honestly don’t know who the Bucs will pick on the night of April 30th. I am on record stating my preference for Winston.

    This saga will tell us something now rather than later about Winston and the Bucs commitment to him. If this scares the Bucs away, they never should have courted him in the first place. They would have always second guessed their decision. Regardless of this lawsuit, I wouldn’t want a QB who doesn’t have his team 100% behind him. I would rather see him go somewhere else than come here and has to wear a symbolic ankle bracelet if management does not truly trust him on and off the field.

    Then we learn something about Winston too! If he is man enough to handle the pressure of this moment, he will certainly be able to emotionally handle anything he will confront in the NFL. There is a saying that “if you give a dance, you gotta pay the band”. I have no sympathy for Winston here. Rightly or wrongly, he squarely placed himself on the horns of this dilemma. He alone must weather this storm. If the Bucs do not pick Winston, I could very well understand their decision even if I didn’t agree with it!

    If Winston survives this, I have no doubt about the lessons he would have learned from the experience. We know he’s intelligent. What we have to see is what kind of man he becomes having been down this road. I still like the kid. I would still draft the kid. We all now wait to see if the Bucs will draft a man not a kid!

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      That’s my thing with all of this. If the Bucs at any point saw something they didn’t like, they have gone WAY overboard on courting this kid. I mean for gosh sakes he’s doing team charity events. It would be pretty messed up and as I’ve stated, the best smoke screen I’ve ever scene.

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    cg27, People just hate to hate on Winston because of the school or the ACCUSATION that has been put forth from a woman that has NO credibility. When the case goes to court she will be seen as the cleat chaser that she is. Winston should not settle out of court like Payton Manning!

  5. 5


    Of course they would contact one of the best Assistant States Attorney we have had in Florida. Georgia would tell it straight if there were any iisues still outstanding. Willie Meggs has had to deal with so many FAMU and FSU football players, he would probably give the rah rah for Winston. He’s a good guy and has helped quite a few Noles get a second chance and most of it was over girl friends.

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    The easiest and safest thing for the Glazers to do is simply pass on Winston and make another choice or get the most out of the dubious Draft position. But, the Glazers, like most business people, know sometimes the greatest risk reaps the greatest reward. Unless you’re the Donner party.

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    Has anyone at PR heard if there’s a news conference today at 1130 at 1 Buc? Anyone confirm that?

  8. 8


    surferdudes, Same as you as to thatquestion. I can’t remember if it was PR or the Official site of the TBB, but one of them indicated there was a media gathering today. To help the media if they can’t figure out what to ask here are questions for them? How is this team better than last year? We are still weak at QB even if we draft one as he’s a rookie, seriously Glennon? A re we really better than last years DL ? Where are the OL improvement because again rookies don’t usually make a first year impact? Why do you believe our Safeties are better than last years? Where’s a legit back up and competitive Center? we have a slew of TE’s, which one is a proven starter?

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    when a player stands out for 3 accusations that turned out to hold no water, (the kinsman accusation, plus the non-existent point shaving and autograph scandals), it obliges the team to show they have done all kinds of homework. JW had a shoplifting incident reminiscent of our hero Derrick Brooks, and made the mistake of saying something stupid in public at a time when a false accusation already had a microscope on him. kudos to the bucs for searching for unicorns to appease those who refuse to look at the whole story

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